What Jess Wore to Flirt With a Very Beautiful Man

This week, Coach came back to visit! You remember that roommate that used to live in the apartment? Me neither. Well he came back, didn’t remember Jess, and invited the boys out to a strip club. Jess and Nick fought because Nick wouldn’t tell Coach that Nick and Jess are boyfriend-girlfriend and blabadiblabla. Just the usual nonsense in their relationship. While Nick and Co. were at the Velvet Rabbit, Jess met up with a beautiful man at the bar. The strip club led the boys to a police station to fight Coach’s ex’s cop boyfriend, Jess’s new man lay naked in her bed, and Nick and Jess made up. You know, a typical Tuesday night.


You guys! Jess was all sorts cute this week and she wasn’t even wearing polka dots or stripes! She instead opted for this all-black ensemble with a spot of color. Still our quirky/adorable Jess!





I have little to say about the boys’ outfits, but look at those smiles! Schmidt looks happy for the first time in a long time. Welcome back, old Schmidt!


There can’t be an episode without a flashback or seven, so we got to see our boys drunk on a stage with Coach and a mariachi band.


I’ve decided Winston looks great in pastels, and Nick should ditch the 18,000 flannels he owns and opt for one Schmidt’s classy shirts instead.


But back to the present. While the boys whooped it up at the strip club, Jess and Cece drowned their sorrows at the bar. Cece, good friend that she is, phoned Artie. I could go on about how Artie is the coffee shop owner who’s always flirting with Jess, or how he regularly flies to Brazil, or about how sexily he says “Brazil” but really, all you need to know is…


Also, I’d like to point out his tight purple sweater, which immediately charmed me. (And Jess, too…)

Jess disappointed me a little with the lack of mini hat or quirky dress, but- TAYE DIGGS, YOU GUYS.


Sorry, having trouble focusing. I meant to say that Jess redeemed herself with this flashback outfit. Check those adorkable glasses and bright sweater. See, we haven’t completely lost her!


While Jess was flirting with the lovely man, the boys left the strip club and traveled to a police station in hope of beating up the police officer who is dating Coach’s ex. Solid plan. They were all decked out in clothing from the gift shop (Strip clubs have gift shops? Can someone confirm this?) because Winston accidentally bought $2000 in “Bunny money”…which can only be redeemed in the club. Typical Winston.

Instead of fighting the officer, the boys fought with each other, looking like a group of deranged cheerleaders with mis-matched shoes. We had Winston in sneakers matching the jackets, Schmidt in dress shoes (as always), Nick in moccassin slippers (so typical) and Coach in Adidas.


Despite the horrible outfits, Jess forgave Nick. Despite finding Taye Diggs in her bed, Nick forgave Jess, and then punched the beautiful man in the face.

Well, at least Nick and Jess are back in full swing. Yay?