This week on Hamptons House Hunters: Turns out Emily’s mention of Daniel’s DUI a few weeks back wasn’t just random, as the victim of his car accident returns (with killer bone structure and highlights) to The Hamps for a new gig at The Stowaway 2.0. Meanwhile, all the men in Em’s life are busy hugging it out with one another as Nolan and Patrick reconnect, and Nolan and Jack man-hug their way back to bromance. Victoria schemes her way out of Connie’s clutches when Grayson Manor goes on the market, but Emily’s schemes mean the house will never sell. And then! Loose lips sink ships as so many secrets tumble out this week: Connie learns Patrick was the #HamptonsKiller, Nolan and Jack each learn the other knows Emily’s true identity, and Nolan lays some truth bombs on Emily re: how she uses people and doesn’t have real feelings. Also? Turns out Connie’s been stockpiling bars of gold a la Scrooge McDuck which means Victoria’s plans to leave are back on. Oh, and Patrick leaves Montauk for the time being… though with the way Nolan was describing their insta-love, I’m pretty sure his abs will be back again soon.


Emily’s Target
Emily’s vendetta for the Graysons is full-on, though this week her focus is pretty low-key: reuining their house sale. So I guess her target was kinda the real estate lady? With the Graysons as her long con.

Gala of the Week
The re-opening of The Stowaway 2.0 brought a more casual vibe than the usual soiree on this show. People were wearing like, t-shirts. Is this Revenge(!!!) or Modern Family? Step it up, wardrobe department.

Best Dressed
Charlotte did her best to class up The Stowaway soiree with the studded cardi pictured above. I also have a soft spot for the undercover librarian realness Emily werked to hack into the files at City Hall.

Over-The-Shoulder Hug Count: 2
Patrick’s truly worked his way into this show with his first OTSH with his evil mother and then we get classic Emily OTSH face after her heart-to-heart with Aiden. Never trust a girl (or a guy) who gazes into the abyss every time you hug them.


Check back Wednesday for to see how Anthony feels about this week’s man-on-man action and home reno dramz.