This week on Say Yes to the Dress: Hamps Style: Emily’s got her hands full jugging her two warring boyfriends (Jack and Aiden) along wih her increasingly-clued-in fiance. By the end of the hour, some not-entirely-untrue truth telling gets her back in Daniel’s derpy good graces so the Wedding Of The Year is back on track. Also, it’s time for the poorly-timed launch of the World’s Last Print Magazine, most of which Emily misses for ninja duty. Then, Charlotte admits to being the #HamptonsKiller and Connie forgives her. But THEN we learn Queen V tricked her into admitting it and Patrick’s the real culprit. And what’s our actual #HamptonsKiller up to now? Just some shirtless makeout time with his new flame, Mz. Nolan Ross. Oh and the kicker is that he decided to give Nolan a second chance based on advice from his sociopathic mother. In other lip-lock news, Jack and Margaux are now a thing and Emily’s choosing Aiden for the time being. Play on, playas. 

Emily’s Target
There was too much going on this week for any Red Sharpie action. Emily was in CODE RED as she scrambled to salvage her engagement to Daniel, since her plans apparently are going to coalesce at her wedding. But really, she’s got at least one boyfriend too many to focus on Revenging at the moment. 

Gala of the Week
The launch of Voulez, the print magazine that for some reason someone thinks is going to be successful in 2013? But really all anybody cares about is that it’s yet another excuse to get dressed up and drink some champers.

Best Dressed
Margaux stole the style show this week, between her sunny yellow eyelet shift and the simple denim blue strapless number pictured. So glad our fav Pan Am stewardess touched down in Montauk this season.

Over-The-Shoulder Hug Count: 2
Oh yes, our favourite melodramatic camera shot was back this week. Our first OTSH came when Connie embraced Charlotte and Charlotte gave Queen V a heavily-eyelinered “YOU OWE ME BIG TIME” look. And the later on, Emily embraced Daniel and the camera pulled back to show that thousand-mile stare we know and love so much. **over-the-shoulder-hugs the show**


Check back Wednesday for our  own Lauren H.‘s take on this week’s tight-litted passive-aggressive melodrama and the epic Grayson Fam trip to Say Yes to the Dress.