What Mindy Wore To Be One of the Guys

I feel for Mindy — being the only lady doctor in her office must be difficult. Having to hear “dude” every two seconds and incessent talk about power tools and baseball pools? Ugh, kill me. Although she prefers afternoon tea to pitchers of beer, Mindy makes an effort to show more enthusiasm for her co-workers’ interests by attending an ultimate fighting match (they are called matches, right?). It doesn’t start off so well, with Mindy accidentally giving Pete some bad news, trying to take over as ring bunny and generally killing the guys’ buzz. However, she redeems herself by playing coach to Pete and building a Bro Club on the office roof. Personally I would have preferred the gazebo.


Mindy works late and discovers what the boys get up to after-hours — a good old fashioned game of Wings and Stings (i.e. eating chicken wings in between fake gun battles.) I would like to say something here about how stereotypical this is and that not all men like wings and toy guns, however pretty much all the straight guys I know would be right on this.

Dr. L gets caught in the crossfire in this gorg red and aqua number. She’s like, “Don’t shoot! You will put a hole in my amazeballs new dress!” 

This shift looks amazing on her and I can’t get enough of that tiny turquoise purse. Also? How could you shoot a woman this smokin’ right in the boobs — twice? Boys, listen to me – getting hit in the boob seriously hurts a lot. I would imagine it is the equivalent of you getting hit in the nads. Think about that.

Side note: These guys are still gynos, right?


Anyway, she protects her assets later by covering them with this beautiful scarlet coat. Conspiracy corner: Is Mindy secretly PLL’s Red Coat?

Good thinking to wear a floral-print dress for a pitch about a rooftop garden. And if you were pitching to a bunch of women, this totally would have clinched it. However, these are guys we’re talking about. Throw on a bikini, start tapping a keg and then they will take you seriously!


If you’re averse to showing skin, finding a common interest is another good way to get on a guy’s good side. Don’t have one? Pretend! With this in mind, Mindy meets the guys at an MMA fight. But I don’t think she really understood what she was signing up for because this was her reaction upon seeing the ring:

I made a similar face when I saw this pink coat — but in a good way. Although head-to-toe pink is probably not the best choice when you’re trying to fit in with the guys, the colour, shape and design are all fabulous. And this small chain-strap purse, possibly by Chanel = LOVE. Though, she is at constant risk of beer or blood spillage ruining that pretty fabric.


To save Pete from certain death, Kendra lets Mindy take over as ring girl. Mindy being Mindy, she winds up doing this during the fight rather than between rounds, but… is it just me or does she look right at home in there? See, just goes to show that you don’t have to have your lady parts hanging out to do this job.

Oh wait, everyone hates it and is booing her. Never mind. Maybe it’s about more than poise.


She finally wins over new doc Peter by bonding over bashing their exes. Although building a basketball court also may have helped in this regard. She presents her gift in another spectacular dress/coat combination: this time in grey, black and pink. This Isabel Marant Étoile coat is so cozy yet flattering.

Those graphic pink panels are super-fun and flattering. And it wouldn’t be a Mindy outfit without matching earrings:

More pink, natch. The lesson here, kiddies, is that just because others don’t care about your outfit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the effort in for yourself.


While I doubt she’ll actually play basketball with the guys anytime soon (bros play rough, you guys) but at least they’re all on better terms now. And if that ever changes, she can always borrow Kendra’s gold hotpants.