What Jess (and the other ghouls and guys) Wore

It’s Halloween (!!) which on this show means everything’s pretty much the same, but with costumes. Or at least, more costumes than usual. Jess, Nick and Winston are trying to cheer up Schmidt since the demise of both of his relationships by pretending to be Schmidt’s hero and faux penpal, Michael Keaton. Cece’s a hot mess over the whole sitch, as well. In the end Schmidt decides that he needs some time alone and moves out of the loft, but don’t worry, he’s just across the hall.


So Schmidtty’s mom started the whole Keaton letter exchange when his dad left, how sweet is that? Unfortunately, it had to be continued through college, and that’s when Nick took over the reigns as Schmidt’s heroic pen-pal. Though Nick vowed never to bring it back, he’s forced to when Jess sends down-in-the-dumps Schmidt an email from “Michael”, hence the bat-mask:

It would take some Jack to get me in that mask, too. The rest of the outfit is in his usual Humphrey-esque style, and Winston is back in athletic gear. Jess is TOTES ADORBS in her schoolgirl get-up (no, this is not her costume yet). I am loving the fit and flare aubergine skirt, and the fuchsia bow on her white tee totally keeps the outfit from being boring. This is her look for most of the episode, so I’m glad it’s a good one. Sidebar: I really want that rustic/industrial table they’re working on.


Anyway, Jess takes her Parisian-ish ensemble over to drag Cece out of her funk.

Though she’s been drinking and partying through her pain, she still looks amazeballs in a crimson wrap dress and bed-head. I wouldn’t even be able to sit upright after a binge like that, but Cece manages to somewhat pull herself together and agree to attend Jess’ Halloween party, under the assumption taht Schmidt won’t be there, of course.


We skip ahead to the partay, where Jess debuts her Joey-Ramone-a-Quimby look, combining the punk rocker with the children’s book heroine. Personally, I think she looks like a cross between Pugsley Addams and John Lennon. 

Nick is dressed like a bunch of crap from his car — the lack of effort isn’t surprising though. 


Schmidt, dressed as a “public serpent” (get it?), runs downstairs to meet his childhood idol, while Nick is praying that his latest scheme won’t backfire.


Yeah, nobody’s not going to realize that’s Jess in a child’s Batman costume. But A for effort.

Where did her old costume go? Was it a straight up trade with that little boy? Did he know what he was getting into? 


Anyway the jig is up, and Schmidt’s penpal secret is revealed just in time for Cece to schow up dressed as… a slutty pirate leopard Pussycat Doll?

Don’t get me wrong, Cece’s hot as hell in this costume, I’m just not sure what the endgame is here. At least she’s been given some closure over her break-up with Schmidt.


And after some sould searching, Schmidt has decided to move out on his own in a lovely burgundy button-down and cuffed jeans. This is fast becoming his signature look.

It’s just a move across the hall, but maybe it will allow Jess some more space for her vast PJ collection. Seriously, it must take up most of her current room, right? I will give snaps for this cute pink set but like… she needs a pajama set intervention.


Ultimately, I doubt much will change with Schmidt moving a mere 20 feet away from his former loft-mates, but hopefully we’ll get some more non-loungewear looks from Jess and that Cece will make a swift return to her usual bombshell ways. Happy Halloween!