Before watching this episode I was probably the loudest voice in the YKYLF staff room with my “what in sam’s hell is this show about?” I mean, what is Ravenswood’s deal? And where can I get that Instagram filter? (No. Seriously. I want. It’d be perfect for all my Halloween party Instagrams). Well, the episode didn’t answer any of my questions, but it did explain one thing: we’re in for a season of scary ass I.Marlene King mind-effery. You think A is scary? Just you wait until there’s poltergeisty shit going down. Anyway, let’s pay a visit to the new town on the ABC Family block. 


Welcome to Ravenswood, Population: Creepy

Strange things are afoot in Ravenswood, PA. We’ve got PLL plot leftovers (Hi Mrs. Grunwald on Sawmill Lane!), graves with your name and your olde-timey picture on them, creepy apparations, attempted tub murders, and five teens getting themselves killed every so many decades. On top of all that, the town doesn’t even have a website. I mean, really.


And then there’s shit like this. 

Which, not to go all Doctor Who geeky on you, but I can tell you that dealings with weeping angels never end well. 

Don’t blink, friends. And don’t say I didn’t warn you. 


Now, here are our heros who are the targets of some supernatural goings on in this town. 

You’d look grim too if you all plunged into a river together. 



You know and love him, especially without his shirt on, becuase he’s one half of Rosewood’s only healthy relationship. 

Fear not, we’re pretty sure he’s saving his shirtless self for Hanna (and us). At least for now. And we can all thank Mrs. Grunwald for suggesting he take a bath because the tub is deep. Sort of creepy of Grunwald, but I’ll take it. 

Caleb decided to stick around town after Hanna asked him to take care of his bus friend Miranda. There was a little something in it for him too. Like answers about why his name and face were on a grave or why everyone over 20 gives him a funny look when he says his name is Caleb Rivers or why the grave disappeared. What’s Caleb’s connection to this joint? Other than his doppleganger died in a tragic accident with Miranda’s doppleganger 100 years ago? If PLL is any clue, it’ll take us four seasons to start to unravel this mystery which will take place in two weeks show-time. So Hanna will barely notice he’s gone.



You may remember her and her bedazzled denim and shearling jacket from PLL Halloween episode. But did you notice what else she was wearing?

Fashion wise, she’s Aria lite. It’s pretty much the only thing that explains that outfit. Her socks are wearing suspenders, she’s got on a tank top, but still feels the need to wear fingerless gloves and she’s wearing what is possibly the most unflattering front zippered skirt.

As you might remember, she’s back in town to find her uncle and understand why she was sent away after her parents died. Like Caleb, she too has an old-timey doppleganger on a grave. Turns out old-timey Miranda and old-timey Caleb were an item way back in the turn of the last century and were two of the five teens who mysteriously and tragically died back then. These days my money is that they’re related, seeing as they have identically fantastic hair and a Hanna/Caleb breakup after an EzrA reveAl would make the Internet implode with tweenage rage.

She’s also been the one who’s seeing the creepy Japanese-style horror movie bizness that caused her to pull the car into a river. That’s going to be a hard one to explain. Then again, so are her sock suspenders. 



The daughter of the newspaper editor, Remy seems like the quiet, good girl who doesn’t break the rules. Probably would have stayed that way until she became one of the five teens meant to die. 

Remy is a bit of a J.Crew dream come true, with the occasional side of Anthropologie. She rocked the hell out of a tweed blazer and polka dot sweater. Like, Spencer Hastings levels of rock. And as with any good ABC Family show, she’s got outrageously fantastic hair with lots of room for secrets.

So far no ghosts or poltergeists haunting her, but her mom is back from Afghanistan and soldiers coming back to town seems to be what sets off the mysterious teen deaths Which she wrote a paper on. Because that is a totally normal subject for a school paper. And if her Dad wasn’t bald, he’d have Wee Lollipops Mads sized hair full of secrets, because dude is hiding something. 


Luke and Liv

Rounding out our group of doomed youths are the brother and sister duo of Luke and Liv. Formerly popular, these two have seen some better days. Even if you’re not factoring in the near death experience. 

The poor kids. Their dad was killed and the whole town thinks their mom did it (in no small part because of Remy’s dad’s paper). The town is even spending their time spray painting “black widow” on the grave and dumping red paint on Liv like she wore fur to a PETA fundraiser instead of just a super cute grey dress to the homecoming parade.

And Luke, who I think Aria referred to as “board shorts” on the PLL Halloween special (…right?), was once Mr. Popular and has now become Lone Wolf Hermit Boy. He’s also Lone Wolf Hermit Boy With A Thing For Remy (a thing Remy’s dad isn’t a big fan of). Luke’s style so far is your typical ABC Family dude (that is to say, not so exciting), but both he and the sister are members of the Amazing Hair Club and she’s got some killer blazers. The lining on that jacket alone makes me weak in the knees. 


Is this the show to tide us over until January and we get our next PLL fix? Will the closets be as full of amazing fashion as the town is full of secrets and mysteries?