Was I the only one who missed some Red Sharpie action on this week’s Bravo’s Gallery Girls Revenge(!!!)? In fact, the most Sharpie we saw was probably from Victoria putting some prices on the artwork she be sellin’. In addition to Victoria heading back to the real world, Father Paul moved on to a higher place, Patrick and Nolan got some lovin’, and Daniel got some relationship advice from Conrad (y’know, because Connie and Vicky have the ideal union that we all strive for). Conrad discovered that he is neither sick nor safe: someone is trying to kill him. Considering the number of people Conrad has wronged (not to mention what a terrible person he is) I’m shocked that this shocks him. However, it’s all good as long as I get my weekly nautical stripe fix.


At the hospital, Ems gets the news that Father Paul has passed.

Yes, it’s tragic that yet another person has fallen victim to the Graysons. However, what is not tragic is Emily’s sweater/coat. It seems to be the perfect combo of warm, soft, and practical. It also appears to be a winter coat of sorts. Let’s forget it’s summertime in the Hamptons, and roll with it. 


Speaking of, here’s Conrad, looking pathetic after his car crash. 

The number of lies that spew out of this man is ridiculous. I needed confirmation from Emily that he was being dishonest after he told the story about Father Paul crashing the car — he was that convincing. Good thing we have Emily and her Sharpie to set us straight. 


Later, Em and her men (Nolan/Aidan) discuss how they’ll prove Conrad is lying about his role in the car crash. Aidan’s wearing his now-trademark vest over button down. It could have been dashing but unfortunately, this look reminds me of something a mixologist at a 1920’s themed cocktail bar might wear.

That’ll be one sasparilla-bacon-bourbon infused sazerac, coming right up!


Emily’s wearing her uniform du jour of short-sleeved lace blouse and dark skinny jeans. This blouse appears to be possibly of the Jolie variety. Not a bad go-to, if you ask me.


Afterwards, at the country club, Nolan is able to a) see a nicely-sculpted Patrick and b) steal Patrick’s wallet. Nolan’s combination of a multi-colored scarf (Hermes?) and a tan cover-up with a bright, coral tank is ahhmazinggg. Also, digging the shades. 

Can I plz have the female version of this outfit to wear for my next wallet-stealing foray at the country club?


Wanting to be independent of Connie for good, Vic heads to a local Hampton’s gallery to obtain a piece of artwork job. While she wears her typical fitted dress and flowing hair, I do think Victoria is taking it up a notch here. The ruching on the crepe silk dress adds a little something extra as does the wrapped pearl necklace. 

Is anyone else really curious to see what Vic would look like in an A-line skirt, or I am alone on this one?


Emily gets ready to head to Victoria’s gallery party, and boy does she look stressed. 

This black pencil skirt, plunging v-neck top, and blazer fit her to perfection. Her gold necklace is an insanely ideal match for the outfit. Think about it; no gold necklace = business meeting. Gold necklace = ready to par-tay. In terms of the stress, you really can’t blame her. She did just learn that someone (other than her) is out to get Conrad, and that person accidentally killed Father Paul instead. 


Nolan’s all like, “Don’t be stressed — try some nautical stripes. Sure, you can pair them with khaki; they go with anything!”

Ah, Nolan. Thank goodness for you, your stripes, your pocket square, and that perfectly-styled hair. 


At her gallery opening, Victoria pairs a pony with her version of a LBD.

I have to admit, I like this Antonio Berardi dress on her. I think it’s fun, well-suited for the occasion, and actually somewhat, somewhat age appro.


Though I do think Charlotte rocks the modern ponytail better than her mom.

Is Revenge(!!!) trying to make a statement here because Charlotte is now on Victoria’s I Hate Emily team? Both ladies have the statement dress (love the top of Charlotte’s btw), the pony-tail, and the dark lipstick. Charlotte’s version just looks less…sinister. 


Oh yeah and this happened:

So, it sounds like I’m not with the rest of the YKYLF staff here, but I am not hoping these two crazy kids will stay together. I don’t know, Patrick just seems super sketchbags to me. Though I have to admit they do look really good together.


And finally, we are left with Daniel Grayson. The man so selfish that he will lie about his father’s murdering ways just so he can ensure he has a successful magazine launch. Did anyone else think Daniel was really attractive at first but now just finds him incredibly annoying and whiny? Like…he’s worse than Victoria and Conrad because he seems so stupid. Sorry Daniel, not even your cozy-looking New England knits can redeem you now. 


And so, we enter next week wondering: When will Margaux and her Parisian style return to us? Who really cut the breaks on Conrad’s car? Will Aidan successfully eliminate Jack? Will Nolan and Patrick be together forever? And, what soiree will the writers of Revenge write up for us? I’m betting it’s going to be Daniel’s magazine launch party which means MORE MARGAUX! Mais oui!