Part 2 of 2: Neil Patrick Harris

So you have to understand that when NPH – the man, the legend – appeared on Glee, I had no idea who he was. I had no idea what was hiding beneath that crisp white shirt and incongruously casual jacket.

Oh, NPH. You make ladies worldwide wish they weren’t (ladies).


Back when Will was a plucky young thing, so was NPH’s Bryan Ryan – a thang who could do magic, charm the ladies and lay down some sweet melodies.

With a mullet.


Nowadays, Bryan’s a bit of a colour shirker, but he’s sharp. Any man who enjoys black, black and black, tearing down the dreams of irritatingly chipper teens and masking his secret pain is a man I want in my life and in my recaps.


Admittedly Neil/Barney/Bryan dons some unappealing jackets. Look at that face, though! That face is as appealing as a puppy at playtime.


Dramatically Lit!Neil/Barney/Bryan! Another bad jacket choice, though.


It appears Bryan has a never-ending supply of monochromatic shirts and a vocal range that, far from being puppy-like, only dogs can hear. He outstrips Will and his vest by miles.

Can they go all Bridget Jones and fight in a fountain now?


Handcraft the greatest item of clothing ever… challenge accepted!


In non-NPH news, Idina’s back in an attempt to connect with the eerily similar Lea. Like Rachel, red is killer on Shelby, as are her cheekbones. They deserve a recap all their own.


Rachel’s apparently trapped in an 80s time-loop when Jesse first tries to guilt trip her about her birth mother. 

She doesn’t look half bad in workout gear, which is more than most of us can say.


Despite earlier fashion faux pas, this navy on navy outfit is great – a brighter pattern on the skirt really lifts the dark colour and makes the outfit a focal point.


What Rachel is wearing below is very problematic for me. In theory, I like it: I like the bright, multi-textured cardigan. I like the printed romper-like dress. 

What I don’t like is the two together, as they clash and make the whole thing seem haphazardly thrown together. 


The episode’s finale shows you how to complement your eerily similar mother/daughter actresss without dressing like twins. Both dresses have crossoveer bodices and both enhance busts and nip in waists. Both are different and age-appropriate.

Idina is clearly a good influence on the wardrobe department.


Emma’s in this episode, yay! Her outfit reminds me of one one Serena van der Woodsen wears here, and I love colour blocking here, there and everywhere, as well as statement necklaces. Emma is more edgy than usual, but still practically Parisian in her chicness.


…all in favour of firing the kids so the stylish adults can romp home?