This week on The World is Nolan’s Catwalk: Emily and her henchmen investigate Conrad’s car accident and learn that someone tampered with the brakes: Patrick? Jack? Newly Emo Charlotte? Queen V briefly works as an art gallery lackey before using her generic talent for evil by forcing the gallery owner out of town and taking total control of the gallery herself. Emily has her hands full with the menfolk as she and Jack quasi-team up in matching ninja hoodies to sort out why Connie’s car crashed. She and Daniel then argue passive-aggressively via making statements to the media and the police, respectively, that leads to Daniel moving out — but the wedding still on. Aiden is shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn that Emily told Jack her true identity. We’re all just confused why he’s still on the show. And THEN! Conrad learns that he doesn’t actually have Huntington’s (but not that Emily’s been poisoning him or whatever). Nolan continues to make neckerchiefs the new double-popped collars as he ends his Amish lifestyle and plugs back into the grid. But none of this matters when ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE as Nolan and Patrick make #NOLTRICK officially the hottest couple EVER ON THIS SHOW EVER. <3 <3 <3 

Emily’s Target
Emily (and Jack) hope to take down Conrad this week via his responsibilty for the car accident — take a moment to laugh because as if that would happen in episode 4, good luck next time kids — but Conrad worms his way out of that like he does everything else. So Emily must content herself trading barbs with Queen V at the gallery opening. 

Gala of the Week
The “Queen V’s Got A Real Job” art gallery party! But as our redheaded friend soon learns, planning a party to humiliate Queen V will swiftly lead to her RUINING YOUR LIFE.

Best Dressed
Emily’s high-waisted black skirt, white tank and long necklace (pictured) were a fashion highlight. I also have to give snaps to Queen V’s studded LBD as well as Nolan’s dedication to short shorts (and neckerchiefs).

Most Soapy Moment
Picture it: two handsome men by a pool late at night… the lights gently reflecting off of the water and onto their faces… one man makes a  move but oh noes! Was it the wrong thing? Patrick shows why he had such a good career on soaps as he swept Nolan into his arms to TOTALLY MAKE OUT. Soapy moments aren’t just melodramatic in angry ways, you guys, they can be melodramatic in swoon-worthy ROMANTICAL WAYS too. I may have spontaneously clapped.

Nolan’s Bon Mot
This week there are two:

1) “I can stop anytime. And if I can’t stop, I can write a program that will make me stop.”

2) Loveddd his his Uncle Jesse shoutout, panting, “Have mercy” after his first kiss with Patrick.


Check back Wednesday for all the deets on this week’s carnival of dramz as Terry gives you a show-and-tell of this week’s fashion highlights and even higher lights.