What Mindy Wore To Get Cultured

You know Mindy was super excited to finally get her own Meg Ryan-esque Meet Cute on an airplane. The lucky guy is Jason, the editor of an alternative culture rag who reads important books, listens to classical music and likes subversive art. So Mindy tries to be as culturally snobbish as he is, despite her love of Katy Perry and YouTube clips of babies startled at their own farts. The whole episode hinges on Danny’s ex-wife (hi again Chloe Sevigny!) doing an art show of black and white photographs of nothing but Danny’s naked body. It ends well for everyone though, as Mindy snogs Jason after he serenades her with “Teenage Dream” on a ukulele and Danny runs off with a bombshell who was definitely interested in testing out his merchandise.


You know what I’ve been reading?  Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, an excellent behind-the-scenes book on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, an obvious influence on The Mindy Project. One of the great details in that book is that to make Mary chic but relatable is that they mixed and matched outfits so that she didn’t get a brand-new outfit every single week (cough Sex and the City cough). They do the same thing on Mindy, which is great because check out these coats:


We first saw Danny’s tan leather biker jacket a year ago in the “In the Club” episode and he wears it so often it’s become his signature piece. Also? The more I see this, the more I want to get one for myself. We haven’t seen Mindy’s tartan pea coat before, but I’m sure we will again. This coat is an absolute dream.

Seriously, it’s so glorious let’s look at it again:


Mindy needs to tell that cultural snob Jason – who we like despite his affectations – that fashion is also a form of artistic expression. I defy him to look at this coat and sniff that it isn’t a piece of art.


Check out this LBD our girl awears to the art show opening:


It looks simple and has a great cut, but look at the detail on the shoulder: those are studded epaulets subtly shaping the sides, giving her an almost tromp l’oeil silhouette. Also, snaps to the costume designer for making rhinestones work at a Soho art show.


And what’s a Manhattan art show without a couple of hot guys?


On the left is overworked lawyer Cliff, who has now handled all sorts of wacky claims for various members of Schulman & Associates except for his actual area of expertise. The suit does what it needs to, but what sets Cliff apart is his hair, which is surprisingly unkempt for a lawyer. Boyfriend is a sole practitioner and can wear whatever he wants.

On the right is cultural snob Jason, looking natty in a thoughtfully wrapped scarf and skinny belt. These little embellishments make him look more hipster-Girls-ish than corporate. All sartorial senses being equal, the difference is in the accessories, people. That sets apart the mensch from the (stylish) boys.


And then there’s this disastrous initial date:


Dr. L is wearing what Cliff describes as piñata, but I beg to differ: she’s more like Paisley Park, or what uniform I imagine Prince makes everyone wear at the recording studio. I still dig this look, especially how that one pattern goes up and down her arm in this side shot.


Let’s also focus on what else Mindy can mix and match this season. Golf claps please for this stunning BCBGMAXAZRIA moto jacket that we never quite get a full shot of:


It’s not quite a zebra print, it’s not quite octopus tentacles, but it’s thoughtfully splayed out in such a way that I’m mesmerized. What’s sending me over the edge is how the yellow top with grey piping perfectly matches her earrings. Do they come as a set? How? HOW??


And finally there’s this adorable teal dress with black webbing:


Possibly an unusual choice for a doctor’s work attire, but Mindy spends enough time in scrubs it makes sense for her to want to glam it up everywhere she goes.


Also, did anyone else notice Tamra’s near throwaway line about being the face for a shampoo company in Japan? Can we see that please??