Show of hands — who’s excited about the PLL spinoff, Ravenswood, premiering next Tuesday?

Not up to speed? Here, watch this:

To be honest, we’ve watched both the preview and the screener several times and still have no idea what this show is about. Caleb upped and left Hanna just as the A-shizz was getting real? To fight spooky crime in Ravenswood, the town with its own Instagram filter?

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Maybe it’ll be a cross between Revenge and Are You Afraid of the Dark. You know, sexy teens with impeccable hair solving mysteries and sharing scary tales.

Which begs the question, will Ravenswood follow a mystery-of-the-week format (“The Mystery of the Fallen Flatiron Curls”? “The Clue of the Broken 4-inch Heel”? Ok, we watch too much PLL) or stay true to its PLL roots and continuously tackle One Big Mystery, week in-week out.


One thing’s certain, it looks like there will be gratuitous male shirtlessness, which is nice, seeing as ABC Family has been a little light in that department as of late.

“The Case of the Missing Abs” — SOLVED!


Tune into Ravenswood this Tuesday, Oct. 22 on ABC Family 9/8c