This week on Revenge (!!!): Conrad continues to to lurk around in a sickly fashion, Emily bullies recruits Father Paul to convince Conrad to confess what he did to David Clarke, Victoria acts like a psycho (nothing new here), and Patrick Grayson Osbourne offers Nolan some swan-related party planning tips. In smaller news, Margaux scores an invite to Nolan’s housewarming via Jack (new, shady love interest?), Charlotte hates her family, and Aidan has been helping Emily this whole time! Really, just business as usual for our Hamptonites. 


Emily’s Target
Emily’s target is not super specific this week. She’s mostly working towards exposing the Grayson clan (minus Charlotte) via Father Paul and AIDAN (!!!). Hilariously, Em thought she’d be done this week. Doesn’t she know it’s just October and her plans won’t work until at least May sweeps?

Gala of the Week
Why wasn’t I invited to Nolan’s housewarming?? I’m not sure which I loved more: the giant, swan-themed invites, Nolan’s fitted Captain’s jacket, or the egregious (in a fantastic way) amount of blue and white stripes milling around at the affair.

Best Dressed
Loveddd the black and white striped sleeveless dress Margaux wore to Nolan’s housewarming. Girl knows how to dress — must be the whole Parisian thing.

Most Soapy Moment
This one goes to Victoria Grayson’s decision to fling china urns at Conrad as he heads down the stairs of their mansion. Why go for subtle when you can go all out?

Nolan’s Bon Mot
(While leering slightly at Patrick): “I just need your name for the guest list… you’re with the Graysons?”


Check back on Wednesday for Ann‘s full recap of all the stripes, swans, and falling urns.