What Mindy Wore to Deal with a Broken Heart

This week on “The Mindy Project,” we watched Mindy come to terms with her breakup from Casey by listening to Les Mis (“I Dreamed a Dream” anyone?), drinking some wine, and trying to hook up with an attractive lawyer named Cliff Morgan  (who, of course, attempted to sue her afterwards). We also watched the (significantly less interesting) plot line of Dr.’s Castellano and Reed fire and rehire Dr. Peter. All in all, it was a successful episode: sappy tunes, sexual tension with a cute guy who was probably on SNL at some point, and our weekly dose of the J.Crew fall catalog as seen through Betsy’s wardrobe.


We begin with a sad Mindy who is headed into work. As she heads up her office’s steps, she trips over a package belonging to a law firm that shares the building with the practice. So, she does what any “rational” person would do – open the package and threaten to sue the lawyer it belongs to.

Here is Mindy in (as she calls it) her “Kiera Knightly running errands” look. Cliff (aka the lawyer on the left in the suit) doesn’t agree and thinks Mindy should have looked in a mirror before leaving home. I’m going to have to go with Mindy on this one. While her wedge sneakers leave something to be desired, Mindy looks cute in her grey knit beanie and red jacket. 


After her run-in with Cliff, Mindy heads into the office to inform her fellow workers that she will be using her “heartbreak days”.


Dr. Peter attempts to comfort Mindy as Dr. Reed informs her that “heartbreak” days are not a real thing. What is a real thing is Betsy’s adorable, a-line blue and green J.Crew skirt with matching sweater.  Meanwhile, Dr. C appears to be in his standard uniform: tucked in button down with sandwich. Wonder if he brings sandwiches into his appointments…


Going off of the information that Morgan is a “good-luck Chuck” of sorts, a drunken Mindy corners Morgan in her apartment later that night.

Morgan’s bright blue button down is a nice change from his usual hospital scrubs. Meanwhile, I’m happy to see that Mindy has finally ditched the grey hoodie; although, unsure if a dirty-looking grey shirt is actually a step up. 


After their “night to remember” (the result of which is Mindy coming to her senses and rejecting Morgan), Morgan threatens to sue Mindy for sexual harassment unless she goes on a date with him.

How amazing is Mindy’s closet? Pretty sure we’ve seen it before, but it just makes me happy. With a whole closet full of clothes, I’m wondering why Mindy has chosen what looks like a pajama top but is probably an expensive silk top from J.Crew Collection. 


Here we have a better view of said top as well as the lovely image of Dr. Peter wiping Mindy’s tears with a pink g-string.

Which he enoucrages her to wear on her date with Morgan. Ew.


For the frate (friend + date) with Morgan, Mindy chooses this amazing bird-print dress from Alice by Temperley.

As YKYLF staffer Anthony noted in his recent Revenge recap, you can never go wrong with a green dress and gold accessories. FLAW FREE.



The frate leaves Mindy in high spirits, and ready to return to her usual stylish self. Step one: “actually taking a shower.”

Step two: a fresh blow-out. Step three: a figure-flattering leather-sleeved Theory dress. Of course, Cliff takes some notice.

Let the next round of sexual tension begin!