This week on MUFFINS OF DOOM(!!!): Emily pressures Victoria to giving Patrick his Grayson Fam Coming Out Party, which goes exactly as horribly as every other Grayson party ever. Charlotte and her new bangs are all emo about her, basically, crappy last few years of life. Also Daniel gets a new job AND turns down a job of a different kind from Margaux. And? Nolan wears both shorts AND a fully unbuttoned shirt AND he’s got his groove back on with totally cute sleepover boytoys. Also something about Emily taking down a priest. Also Aidan apparently wants to bring down Emily (why? Do we know why?) although if he really wanted to, he’d just reveal her true identity to the Graysons, wouldn’t he? 


Emily’s Target
This week’s revengenda is different from the others because this Grayson-affiliated victim has spent years atoning for his wrongdoing and is, as per Nolan, basically a kitten. Which leads to a surprise twist: she’s going to undo her Revenge on him. That’s a first, no?

Gala of the Week
The Graysons basically should start eating supper separately in front of the TV because every dinner party they ever have ends horribly. Welcome to the fam, Patrick! 

Best Dressed
The ladies’ outfits this week were gorge, but nothing compared to Nolan’s numerous costume changes. Is it a copout if I give it to Nolan’s nautical-striped apron and oven mitts set? Because that was honestly my fav look of the week.

Most Soapy Moment
The Muffins Of Doom made their way through the episode, going from Nolan’s oven to the Grayson manse, then poisoned into Conrad’s belly, and back to Nolan’s as ersatz housewarming gifts from Queen V. Also: how conveeenient that blueberry happens to be Conrad’s fave and nobody else eats carbs so he was the only one affected?

Nolan’s Bon Mot
To his creepily-smiling new neighbour, Queen V (bearing the basket of EVIL MUFFINS): “Here to borrow some vinegar?”

Come back on Wednesday for Anthony’s take on the Muffins Of Doom, Emily’s crisis of conscience, Nolan’s nonstop fashion parade and all the usual dramz.