What Olivia (and Mellie) Wore or Are We Gladiators, or Are We Bitches? 

We’re so happy to add Scandal, the hottest show on TV, to our occasional lineup. If you’ve never watched it before, just stop right now. Get yourself a Netflix streaming account and devote the next few days to catching up, because what I’m about to say will a) mean nothing to you and b) ruin the end of season two.

Oh my God, you guys. Fitz leaked Olivia’s name to the press. Can we all just agree finally that Fitz has some Christian Grey–level control issues? Then again, control issues seems to be the recurring theme for the men in Olivia’s life. Her father has taken her to a private jet with the intention of taking Olivia so far off the grid that she needs a Swiss bank account. Fortunately, Liv backs out and jumps into damage control mode. Just when it looks like some Scandals are too big for even Olivia Pope, someone leaks video of the press secretary talking about how hot the President is, and some of the attention is pulled off Olivia – for now. 


We start off the season  with Olivia in the same outfit as she ended season two:

You have to hand it to Olivia. The woman’s dedication to a color palette is impressive. Even when she’s about to go out for a victory jog, Olivia’s in perfectly tailored neutrals.


Olivia gets back to her office, where she apparently keeps half her wardrobe of snappy pantsuits. 

No one can wear grey pantsuits quite like Kerry Washington, and no one can tailor a pantsuit quite like the Scandal wardrobe department.


To meet up with the President and Mellie, Liv breaks out one of her many white overcoats. 

For all Olivia’s talk about good guys wearing white hats, it seems like, on this show, the good guys wear white capes. This seems to be a recurring theme with her wardrobe. Where she manages to find caped overcoats is beyond me, but I’m glad she does, because it makes Olivia seem like an elegantly dressed superhero. 


Poor Mellie. She’s worked so hard to cultivate a picture-perfect First Lady wardrobe, and all Fitz wants to do is boot her out the door. 

As a huge fan of color in wardrobes, I’m so happy Mellie’s stuck it out as long as she has. How beautiful is this purpley-blue? And her hair. She’s in a freaking war bunker, and Mellie looks like she’s about to talk to Barbara Walters about child literacy. Fitz definitely has a type, and that type is impeccable. 


There are a few things Olivia Pope truly loves: Presidents that invade her personal space, managing a good crisis, and red wine. But perhaps her greatest love is the cowl neck top, which makes an appearance before the episode is out. 

If we ever have an evil twin episode of Scandal, the surefire way to determine the real Olivia Pope is by holding up two shirts and seeing which she grabs. If she grabs the cowl neck, we’re safe. If she goes for the crew neck, it’s time to send in Huck, because we have a fake Olivia on our hands.