What Mindy Wore to Move the Plot Along

I swear to you, just last week I was watching The Mindy Project and wondered how they would break up Mindy and Casey. It was inevitable, what with that unexplored “will they or won’t they?” vibe between Dr. L and Danny. And then, as though the showrunners read my mind, Mindy and Casey broke up! Oh, SPOILER! Mindy and Casey break up. He wants to be a DJ ballerina astronaut event planner instead of a pastor, and Dr. L can’t handle a fiance who goes through life paths like a seven year old who just sat through his first Career Day.


We open with things all hunky-dory as Mindy flashes her bling at Pastor Casey’s homecoming service. I’m more transfixed on the sherbet orange piping on this dress that perfectly matches her sherbet orange cardigan. So cute and fresh for this future pastor’s wife!

You know what? The word “sherbet” annoys me. There really ought to be an extra “R” in there.


Anyway, that’s the last time we see Mindy happy. We’re only 30 seconds into the episode when she gets über perterbed at her fiance’s sudden announcement that he’s trading in the pulpit for two turntables and a microphone.

Maybe you should have discussed it with the future Mrs. Rev. Casey before announcing it to your flock? I think that’s covered in Relationships 101. Just a thought.


Mindy’s a good sport and deals with the news. “Six Weeks Later” (i.e. “We Didn’t Want to Spend Any Additional Time on This Story Arc”) she’s at the office, suggesting that they hire Casey to do… anything. She’s back to her workwear staple of separates, and while I’m not digging the fit of this blouse, I do love the glitzy bow belt and simple jewelry. With all those carats on her ring and her waist, Mindy’s typical statement earrings would have been too much.


So, about the hiring. Ever since Dr. James Franco finished his guest appearance, the office has needed another doc. I don’t understand that. Didn’t they get along just fine with only three doctors before? Isn’t that why Mindy was stuck in the supply closet last week? Why the sudden uptick in patients? Surely it can’t be a plot device for introducing additional guest stars on the show.

Oh hey, whattup Adam Pally? You may be slightly oafish like your Happy Endings character Max Blum, but you’re much slimmer and straighter. Will you be sticking around long enough to have Unresolved Sexual Tension with Mindy? Because that seems to be a thing that you guest stars do around here.


Mindy is unimpressed by Dr. Max Blum Peter and turns him away from the practice. (SPOILER! Jeremy hires him later, because he’s all ticked off that Drs L & C left for a daylong music festival… more on that in a second). For now, peep Mindy’s aforemetioned delicate jewelry. So pretty, especially that wee “M” necklace!

Sidenote: Snaps for fake growing out her fake pixie cut. This bob is where it’s at!


Right, so Casey gets tapped to spin a set at a mini-Coachella somewhere in rural-ish New York that’s apparently accessible by subway. Minds spreads the word of the festival in this, my absolute favorite Mindy look to date.

The bold patterned dress with a flattering bateau neckline? The elegant hoops? The pop o’ color bag that pulls the subtle green from the pattern? A big YES to the whole thing. I would wear this entire look, head to toe (ok, we don’t get a look at the toes, but I’ll bet her shoes are equally fab).


I’m not as sold on her music festival look. Then again, I’m not sold on music festivals. Every year I have the chance to go to Lollapalooza, and I consider going until I remember that it’s hot, muggy, muddy, full of annoying people who claim that they love, no seriously, LOVE this next band that’s playing, and OMG you haven’t heard of them? Plus I just don’t care to stand around Grant Park for hours without a chair or decent cell reception.


The National. OMG, you haven’t heard of them?

(Me neither. I’ll just be over here with my mainstream pop and my air conditioning.)

But back to Mindy’s attire. Why did she pair a leather moto jacket with shorts? Isn’t she sweaty on top and chilly on the bottom? And aren’t those suede boots going to get ruined in the inevitable mud? Though she gets points for choosing a the oh-so-appropriately named Woodstock shorts from Lovers + Friends.

Put something on, young lady, and be back by 8pm. And don’t take any drug-laced cupcakes from strangers! And that better be a fake hair extension and not a real dye job. Kids today…


So Mindy goes to watch her man spin, and she’s impressed! DJ Sacrament is no slouch on the 1s and 2s!

The crowd is into it, Mindy goes body surfing, and at the end of his set, he announces that DJing is fun and all but what he really wants to do is event planning. Mindy drinks, and I start to hate Casey. Remember twenty minutes ago when he was still a likeable character? Seriously, the show knew she wasn’t going to wind up with him, so why didn’t they plant seeds of this break-up like, 10 episodes ago instead of suddenly being like “btw he has this total deal-breaker character trait we never showed you before!”


After some back and forth that includes a hypothetical move to Austin, Mindy+Casey are dunzo. She hands back the ring and slumps against her vibrant orange door in a vibrant turquoise shirt. Bravo to Props and Wardrobe for the perfectly contrasting colors.


YOU GUYS, IT’S SAD! Even sadder is when Casey the Dumped comes back for his stuff, although we do get this nice wide shot of Mindy’s bedroom. I’m temporarily distracted from all the sads by that sassy black and yellow chair.


NO, BUT REALLY. SO MANY SADS. Mindy is like my pretend TV friend, and I don’t like it when my pretend TV friend is unhappy. Even when she’s surrounded by those delightful printed throw pillows.


Whew. That was a lot of show in just twenty-two minutes. What’s next for Dr. L? Will Dr. Max Peter pull her out of her slump? Will he stick around for more than two episodes? How many more guest stars must Mindy go through before she ends up with Danny?