What Jess Wore

So… that was a double date to remember. This week, Jess, Nick, Cece, and Shmidt plan a double date that becomes a “five person gathering” when Winston decides to join (I know what it’s like to be that friend) and an entertaining day/night ensues. Turns out, Nick can’t keep a secret without the help of a motorcycle helmet, Cece’s got a pretty intense right hook, and community tables are hard to come by in LA. Is this an LA concept? In New York we just call them tables, hello, Meatball Shop. 


Nick and Jess begin our episode in their jams. 

Love that Jess continues to rock the J.Crew PJ’s that are matched with an incredibly coiffed ‘do (for someone who just woke up). As for Nick? Well, he just looks like a regular dude in sweats. But why does Jess look so happy while Nick looks so “eh”?


Because they’re planning a double date!!!

Cece’s facial expression above is in response to Winston’s proposal to bring his cat along on the date (have also been that friend) while Schmidt is looking guilty for two-timing Cece with Elizabeth. Although it looks fab, I am wondering why Cece is in Schmidt’s dress shirt. 1. It appears to be expensive and 2. If he really didn’t have something for her to wear, couldn’t she have borrowed something from Jess and her never-ending pajama closet? 


That’s neither here nor there though because in Jess universe people go back to bed as soon as they have had their coffee and woken up.

Jess’s lacy, pink bra is super cute, and I love the hipster, floral style of her bedding. Things get a little awk when Cece joins the party in Jess’s room in order to talk about Schmidt’s weird behavior (have yet to be that friend). 


So, the gang heads out on their “five person gathering/double date”. Based on misinformation she has received from Schmidt to cover up his cheating, Cece punches Nick in an area that we’ve heard hurts quite a bit. 

Cece can kick butt and rock an emerald-colored, silk dress? Nice job, lady. Jess is dressed in a version of her usual blue and red, A-line combo, and Nick is dressed like someone’s grandfather. Correction: like someone’s grandfather when he makes a trip to pick up some Alka-Seltzer.


Soon, Schmidt arrives, and the truth is revealed.

The middle of a restaurant may not be the best place to reveal to someone who you love that you’re cheating on them. However, I’m unsure if we should expect more from someone who dresses for a trendy restaurant the way an accountant dresses on Casual Friday.


We’re left with Nick and Jess, our only remaining “happy” couple. 

And with a threat from Schmidt, we learn way more about Nick and Jess than we ever needed to know. Though, I’ll let it go if Jess will lend me these vintage-style J Crew pjs. Or seriously, any of her pajamas.

Where does she keep them all? I imagine them all hanging carefully from hangers a la Sutton’s Magic Closet. Forget her teaching career, she’s got enough stock to open up her own pajama store… and we’d be first in line.