What Mindy Wore To Get Her Office Back

It’s been a long summer without Mindy, and we’re so glad to have her sartorial sense back! Not that I would at all object to Mindy’s Hamptons wardrobe if they ever did an episode there, of course. This week, Mindy got Dr. Leotard drunk when she found out he couldn’t hold his drink, which resulted in him sleeping with Christina, getting punched by Danny, and leaving the practice. Danny joined a sad single guy group only to find out that those guys weren’t all wronged by women. And in sadder news, my fictional TV husband Handsome British Doctor has sadly put on weight and isn’t the glistening Adonis he was in the pilot when he knocked boots with Mindy. Has a year really flown by?


First up are Mindy’s jammies:

While not groundbreaking, I appreciate that she understands bright colors work beautifully on her and applies day-glo shades even to her sleepwear. This, folks, is dedication.


And so is this:

That’s right, Mindy copied the whipped-cream dress from Varsity Blues. I enjoy how she twirls in it but was afraid it might spill or smudge her furniture. And since summer is just ending in New York, who wants more flies buzzing around one’s Manhattan pad? Ewwww. And while she did the dress perfectly, I wonder how long it took her to “make” the outfit while Casey was waiting online?


Next up is my favorite outfit this episode:

And Mindy:

There’s a cool optical illusion here that makes the black print look like an apron, but it’s just a single unfussy piece. The great thing about the star print is that it’s not overwhelming but gives just enough detail to make you linger longer than if she had just worn a plain white shirt underneath. Beautiful look on a girl with curves.


Then we have this “love scene” with The Other Dr. L after their epic shot-off. Relaxed but sexy simple black hip-hugging dress topped but a badass leather jacket, and simple heels. All the better to showcase the fun evening bag. 

Also, this is actually utilitarian because she’s lugging someone back with her and Mindy is dressed for every occasion, no matter the situation. (Caveat: fashion aside, the humor in this scene creeped me out. I will defer to this article.)


By the way, Dr. Leotard seems to have nothing but plaid in his wardrobe, and Mindy took the panel idea too far. Dr. L, you’re a doctor, why are you dressed like a candy striper? 

The Anthropologie button-down and belt would work well with other items but throw that cotton candy-pink jumper on top and you look like you’re running around the sick ward offering hand sanitizer to the entire waiting room.


She goes for something aesthetically similar but not over-the-top in this final outfit. What I love is how she sets the Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt off against the shirt and vest: both yellow and blue are found in the skirt, in slightly different shades, giving her a cohesive look. And the earrings match well without being “matchy-matchy” or twee. 

She won’t set the world on fire with this, but Mindy coordinates better than just about every fictional character on TV (Olivia Pope and Emily Thorne notwithstanding).


Now that she’s got her office back, how long until she gets extensions and starts working her season 1 hair? And more importantly, when do we get to see the latest additions to her wool coat and scarf collection??