Honey, your LBD needs some OMG. Take your blank slate and get inspired by these accessory trends from a few of our faves.


Rings: Every character on every ABC Family show, ever

We joke about the ABC Family Cocktail Ring Warehouse, but we’re betting that there’s at least a small closet somewhere on the ABC lot devoted just to oversized rings. Animal rings, stone rings, wooden rings, fake gems…they’re all there, waiting for their closeups as some teenager texts her way out of a situation best left to the police.


Bags & Belts: Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Mindy loves herself a skinny belt, and she appears to own more than one Birkin. The belts we get, but we sort of don’t understand how a young medical student can afford multiple trips to Hermès. Maybe her family is loaded and Mindy’s blissfully free of med school debt? Actually, that would make for an interesting twist to the impending marriage plot. Are you listening, FOX?



Gems: Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey Bass, Gossip Girl

Oh hey, Lily. We were just talking about people with disposable income. One of the things we miss most about the absence of Gossip Girl are Lily RvdWBHB’s always classy ensembles. Not only did TV’s worst (best?) mother appear to have an excellent tailor on speed dial, she was always impeccable coiffed and properly iced. Lils! We miss you, your gorgeous jewels, and your lax parenting style.


Brooches: Joan Holloway, Mad Men

Remember when Joanie wore a pen necklace? This season it was all brooches, all the time for Joan Holloway, Ad Agency Partner. She doesn’t need to write things down — she has people for that (ok, she doesn’t, but she should, right? I mean, when does she get a secretary of her very own?) Anywho, Joan seems to have amassed an assortment of brooches that rivals Madeleine Albright’s collection, and we’re totally playing “count the brooches” during the next season of Mad Men.


Bowties: Tie (ha!) — Chuck Bass/Bertram Cooper

I would automatically give this to Chuck, but then he had that whole Gordon Gekko moment happening in season…4? I don’t know, it was sometime after high school when he decided to run around dressed like an 80s finance kingpin. As you do, when you’re 18.

Bertram Cooper, on the other hand, has been true to his style since (probably) the 1920s. We love a man who finds his look and sticks to it. And peep the ensemble below — Mr. C is coordinating colors and mixing patters like a BAMF.

Honorable mention goes to Mason Treadwell of Revenge. He’s just a secondary character (hmm, I guess maybe Bertram is, too? But his name is in the agency, so…no.) therefore Mason is automatically out of the running for top prize. Sorry, YKYLF house rules.


Layering: Nolan Ryan, Revenge

Okay, this isn’t an accessory per se, but Nolan’s extra bit of coordinated, buttoned-up collar makes him stand out from the legion of Hamptons bros and their double layered polos. Amateurs. I need to point out, though, that if you were to spot this in real life you’d be all “Isn’t he warm? I mean, I’m slightly warm, and this guy is wearing three (possibly four, if you count an undershirt) layers. How is he not sweating? Should I offer him a cold drink?” and no one wants to be around someone who unintentionally causes that much anxiety.

But hey, this is TV, so snaps to Nolan and his 18 layers. He might not be practical, but he sure is pretty!