What Jess (and all those crazy guest stars) Wore

This week, Jess is the awkward new girl at school (quelle suprise), amongst a host of cool teachers from our fave shows (old and new!), and Nick tries to help her to be one of the cool kids. Schmidt is still trying to decide between Elizabeth and Cece (if we’re going by hair and wardrobe alone, I’d go with Cece, personally). Oh, and Winston is there too. And a cat.


So Jess is trying to fit in with the cool kids this week, also known as NotAngela and NotNate (from The Office) and NotJune (from Don’t Trust the B). Looks like she’s doing a good job in this gorge yellow frock. Her hair and make-up are perfection, too — and not a second look from the cool kids? They must be really, really cool.


NotJune (aka Molly), has some great colorblocking going on, and could anything ever fit anyone better? I’m way jealous. NotAngela (aka Rose) looks fab, too… I don’t think that many people could pull off such big polka-dots. Unfortunately, I think NotNate (aka Dan) is borrowing clothes from Mr. Schue over on the Glee set.


Back on the New Girl set, Jess has a flashback to her school days, and we seem to be at some sort of Renaissance talent show? Yes, that’s exactly what we expected Jess to be like as a teen.

Nick wasn’t much cooler though, as a hackey sack playing hippie, despite what he thinks. That beig said, I can’t deny that’s how we all dressed in the 90’s…


Molly and Rose are nailing it in the teachers lounge to make fun of “Booger” from Revenge of the Nerds (aka, Dr. Foster).

I don’t think I ever had teachers that were this fashionable. The jewelled collar on Molly is absolutely amazing and, fuchsia peplum on Rose. Stop it.


Jess put on her best Sailor Moon dress to impress her fellow faculty members. 

I know the pic isn’t fantastic, but this dress looks dirty in every shot, even prior to toilet bowl dancing. There must be a dry cleaner nearby, no?


Though hungover, Jess looks pretty great in whatI suspect is Nick’s shirt, but I wouldn’t necessarily keep it on to teach classes.

Surely, it smells of beer. At least her bed head looks better than when I actually try to do something with my hair. Envy looks great on me.


Yes Jess, that is an entire cupboard full of fun mugs. Jackpot!

Dan’s rocking a Schuester special, but Molly and Rose are still looking like the coolest teachers in school, totally rocking their basics. It doesn’t take much, kids!


Jess decides, after a little pep talk from Nick, that she doesn’t actually need to be popular, and turns down her colleagues looking like the Hamburglar. 

The girls are still werking the simple sexy teacher looks, and Dan is looking sharp in a pink button down with navy trousers and camel belt. Stepping it up to joing the ladies. Kudos, NotNate.


Nick, put down the hackey sack. It’s not 1995 anymore.

How cute is he sitting on his car outside the school waiting for Jess? Totally the guy that doesn’t care, but you can totally change, am I right?


In our other storyline tonight, we have Schmidt. Oh, Schmidt. Just look at that stunner sitting across from you at the breakfast bar.

How stunning is Cece in Schmidt’s kimono? Royal blue is your color, dahling. And whose hair looks like that when you wake up? She is literally a goddess.


Oh, God. No.

Not one thing about this Wilma Flintstone ensemble works. I suspect that whatever she’s advertising won’t sell very much. Sorry, Cece, .


C drops the wig and unflattering dress for a gorgeous, draped number, fabulous clutch, and amazing hair to surprise Schmidt at his office party, but oops, there’s Elizabeth…

Someone please give Lizzie’s hair some volumizer, she’s so lovely. Seriously, get on this people.


I think my star showing for this week has to be evil Beth (aka Lucy on Mindy!), who’s trying to sabotage Schmidt’s personal life in the most killer dresses. 

Dying over these two looks from Bailey 44. On the left, an emerald green sheath with faux leather straps; on the right, a faux leather panel sheath dress. There are no words. I die.


Holy cameos, Batman! Whew! I’m not sure how next week is going to top this one, but I can’t wait to see if Schmidt finally picks one of those lovely ladies, and if Winston actually gets a story line worth mentioning.