Here at YKYLF, we’ve never met an award show red carpet we didn’t like. As per usz, we put out fashion police to work in assessing how our fav stars did at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards. Note: if you look carefully, you’ll spot a clue to a new show we’ll be covering this season… can you spot which of these ladies we haven’t discussed before on this blog??



It’s always great to see vivid hues on a carpet otherwise filled with ladies in basic black or nude tones.


How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan (Lily)

Bella: What a stunner, and a divine colour with that hair.

Amanda: The flowing red hair, the purple mermaid dress … I’m just bummed she didn’t go with a yellow fish clutch to complete her chic Ariel look.

Kim: Gorg – gorg colour, gorg hair, gorg clutch. That is all (however, I always feel gals look like they’re having trouble walking in this skirt shape).

Ritchie: She’s finally reached her potential as a bona fide awards show fashion plate. I knew she had it in her from back in her Willow days!






Mad Men’s Jessica Pare (Megan)

Kim: Fun and cute – another colour I love. Nice to see someone smile BIG on the red carpet. Leave it to the Canadians!

Ritchie: I think my sister wore this to her prom in 1992. So: no.

Steph: Too much dress, and I feel like she missed the opportunity to show off some amazing shoes with the high-low hem.

Amanda: I heard her bow is so big because that’s where she hides all of Matthew Weiner’s secrets.








Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka (Sally)

Ann: Love this girl. Seems she’s taking the name of her new film (Flowers in the Attic) to heart.

Kim: I feel like I shouldn’t like this, but I do. Super-fun, pretty and age-appropriate!

Bella: The top is fabulous, but a tighter skirt would have worked wonders. Shower curtain, anyone?

Steph: I honestly believe Kiernan can do no wrong. This is adorable and age appropriate, yet still red carpet worthy. Also, I want to be her best friend (if only to raid her closet).

Amanda: Adorable. Wish I’d had this 15 years ago when I was making the rounds on the bar mitzvah circuit.





Girls’ Lena Dunham (Hannah)

Bella: Help! That dress is eating Lena Dunham!

L-A: Not the worst dress ever. I think if it had a different bodice, it might have worked a bit better. Her boobs just look sad now.

Kim: Fun colours and print and I like the shape on her (although the skirt dwarfs her a bit). Not a fan of the goth makeup, though. Too much!

Ritchie: Hipster evening wear.

Matt: I like print of dress, just wish it fit better. 

Amanda: It always feels like Lena gets halfway through the process of selecting a dress for awards shows before losing interest. If this dress had some tailoring and the hair had been more styled, the whole look (including the goth eye makeup) could have worked. 




The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling (Mindy)

Ritchie: The top is a bit gladiator-esque, but the color and fit are great.

Kim: Yeah. I love the colour and shape and the top embellishment gives it a bit of toughness/visual interest. Great for her figure! 

Steph: Jewel tones are just so gorgeous on Mindy. Especially love the neckline detailing (gladiator-esque and all)

Amanda: If she hasn’t already, Mindy needs to share her stylist with Lena Dunham and Christina Hendricks STAT, because her stylist knows how to dress girls with curves.

Bella: Mindy Kaling = can do no wrong. Ever.






Girls’ Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna)

Anthony: I guess that Chanel adage of taking off the last accessory applies to dress embellishments as well. I mean, I’m all for leather clad breasts, but can’t we just let the watercolour gown speak for itself?

Carla: Looking like a painting, this dress is beautiful and has so much texture. On the other hand, the black bandeau area kills the soft and pleasant vibe of the dress a little bit.

Kim: I like it all except the leather “boob guard” (and frown).

L-A: Nice try, play again next year. The leather boobs are killing an otherwise lovely dress.

Amanda: That dress make Zosia look like she’s got two wee little lollipops.






Forget Rapunzel-length extensions. These stars worked chin-length do’s (either real or faux) to great effect. Note how a bob elongates the neck and accentuates the eyes?


Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks (Joan) 

Amanda: Oh my God. A dress that flatters her figure? I’m pretty sure the apocalypse is upon us. Love the black contrasting with her insanely porcelain skin. 

Ann: Word. Offscreen, Christina can veer toward unflattering outfits. But this shows her favour of boho chic without having a spillage issue.

Kim: Her waist looks super tiny, and I love the slight vintage feel. A tad simple but her green accessories add a bit of glamour.

Jen: Wowza, I missed the statement ring. That’s a stunner.

Ritchie: Everything works here.






How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders (Robin)

Carla: She’s channeling Kate Middleton with the radiant smile, pastel color, and lack of body fat. Breathtaking.

Bella: Agreed. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t tell whether Cobie is dressed as Robin or herself, and this is so gorgeously un-Robin-like. She looks ethereal.

Kim: Can someone be smokin’ and frosty at the same time? Love the shape of this dress on her and her hair. And yay full smile — from another Canadian. Trend??

Amanda: Can we petition the HIMYM folk to make this Robin’s wedding dress?






 Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)

Ann: I like the simplicity of her silhouette with the subtle embellishment. Is the skirt quilted or something? This is one that gets more and more interesting the more you look at it. 

Kim: Very simple but like the texture and red lip. A bit bare on top though, even earrings would have added a little something extra. 

Ritchie: Love the hair, it reminds me of Italian swimmer/model Federica Pellegrini’s trademark swept-up bob.









New Girl’s Merritt Wever (Elizabeth)

Jen: I’m adding her to the list of people Mindy should slip her stylist’s number to. Loving the makeup, hair, and jewelry, though.

Kim: Snooze. The top is very matronly – she should be showing off her figure more!!

Amanda: Merritt and I are totally imaginary BFFs, and I don’t want to make things awkward next time she comes over for our monthly “Pride and Prejudice and Pizza” night.

Ann: I gotta go, bye.








Mad Men’s January Jones (Betty)

Ritchie: Washed out and boring.

Kim: Too pale for her skin tone and the bottom looks like my grandma’s curtains. Love the wavy bob though! 

Amanda: Love the hair, hate the dress. January’s a former model and she should be working that angle – she knows how to wear couture. Put her in it. 

Ann: Interesting to note that Kiernan Shipka seems to be emulating her TV-Stepmom more than her TV-Mom in terms of fun on the red carpet (and fun with fashion).







Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) 

Carla: Even though this is a little bit Red Riding Hood, I never say no to a low back. 

Kim: The back saves her from drowning in fabric and the shoulder bow adds a bit of fun. More colours I lurve!

Ann: This bob is amazing on her. Here’s hoping they let Lady Mary work a flapper esthetic for the new season of Downton.










These ladies know what works for them. They may not have brought any surprises to the Emmy red carpet, but they’re always reliable for a pretty red carpet look.


Girls’ Allison Williams (Marnie)

Carla: Looking beautiful as always, Allison captured the perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect accessories, and the perfect dress.

Kim: A little too much like a bridesmaid or prom dress but other than that, she looks perfecto.

Steph: Proof that simple does not have to be boring.

Amanda: I wish she’d gone with some severe hair, crazy jewelry, or bold makeup just to add some interest to the outfit. It feels like she’s got a case of Anistonitis, where she’s so pretty that she doesn’t risk going ugly.

L-A: I’m with Amanda. There’s nothing technically wrong here, but there’s nothing overly right here. It’s all safe.





Glee’s Jane Lynch (Sue)

Kim: Tall and sleek as always – she’s found her style wheelhouse and sticks with it. I like that.

Ritchie: Note how she’s showing off the necklace against a simple black suit.

Ann: And the suit is exquisitely tailored. The pant length is perfect, and the side panels on the jacket add visual interest.

Amanda: My favorite part of this outfit is her hair – it’s cropped and beachy, which is such a great contrast to the perfectly tailored suit. IMO, it’s the hair that makes this look sexy, not the plunging neckline.







Scandal’s Kerry Washington (Olivia)

Carla: Upon first look, I thought this was one of the most beautiful dresses ever.the color, fabric, and texture are beautiful. The embroidered flowers are a little too much, especially in contrast with the strappy to.

Bella: I could have done with an updo, but this is undeniably beautiful.

Kim: Very pretty and ethereal – like something the faes on True Blood would wear to a wedding. She looks gorgeous in everything though.

Stephanie: Totally agree with Kim. She looks like a fairy princess (in a grown up way?)

Amanda: A beautiful dress, but I’m wishing she’d gone with more of a standout. This isn’t one I’m going to remember next year, which is too bad because her attitude is straight up Heisenberg: “Remember my name.”




New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel (Jess)

Kim: Very vintage = very Zooey. A tad predictable for her but the colour, shape and hair are nice.

L-A: This is a total meh dress. It’s pretty enough, but that’s about it. Then again, I guess that’s perfect if all you’re doing is presenting and need to look cuter than your sister. 

Amanda: I would be 100% on board if it didn’t have that little side tail thing. It widens the waistline. Otherwise, this would be a sleek, sexy bombshell of a dress offset by a pale, delicate color. Also, can I just say how relieved I am every time I see a red carpet Zooey with bangs? That Met Gala photo has scarred me for life.






Who were your top looks from the 2013 Emmy Awards? And did you spot which show we’re going to start covering this season??