As much as I bitch about Rachel, Lea Michele is stunning and wears some well put together ensembles. This embroidered carmine cardigan and frothy blouse below are gorgeous, and the matching headband shows unexpected attention to detail.


And this print dress and cardigan is very New Girl, perfect for going on Manic Pixie Dream Girl adventures while retaining perfect hair and posture. Well done, Rachel.


This has to be my favourite outfit of the episode, because this? This is how you do preppy. While Finn serenades her with ‘Jessie’s Girl’, Rachel shines in a Hit Me Britney One More Time-worthy pleated skirt and a more subdued but still lovely sweater.

Everything matches but nothing is too twee. Perfection.


When Rachel goes to see Sean and gets her problems put in perspective, she is again on the verge of being too girlie. I think, however, this mix of light neutrals is actually a coup d’état.


As much as it pains me to admit it, Rachel does pink. It puts roses in her cheeks, and she was sensible enough to pair a block top with a patterned bottom. Go in peace, Ms Berry. I absolve you of your earlier sins against fashion.


Now I’ve mended my fences, let’s move onto a more entertaining section: Quinn Fabray is So Tired of Your Sh*t. Observe the facial expressions below:


“My cardigan has such a cool pebbledash texture, but I’m so tired of your sh*t.”


“I’m subtly dressing for my pregnancy in this empire waisted shirt and well-tailored slim cut trousers – a rarity for me – but I’m so tired of your sh*t.”


“Cheering the recapper with the spearmint cardi she loves, but I’m so tired of your sh*t.”


“Here, I daringly wear different textures, ruffles and  brights with darks. I could maybe do with some accessories, if anything, but I’m so tired of your sh*t.”


“Look! Look how cool I am! Unconcerned with my updo, sweet as sugar in my faux Regency era dress with its colour pop ribbon and contrasting knitwear… but I’m still so tired of your sh*t.”

And that concludes Quinn Fabray is So Tired of Your Sh*t! Please tune in next time. Or not, whatever. I’m so tired of your sh*t.


Mercedes and Santana had a face-off, but they did it in Cheerios uniforms so it’s not worth recapping. What I will show is Mercedes Jones, back in business. Her purple beret is oddly charming, as is that space age leather jacket.

The latter convenienetly covers a multitude of coloured tops, for which I am grateful.


No more blah uniforms for Mercedes or Kurt, no sir! Everything’s coming up Hummel, and he’s wearing some incredible striped pants and an Alexander McQueen scarf to prove it.


He’s clearly got a positive effect on those around him, as evidenced by Brittany’s gorge look while she was briefly his GF. She defies all expectations with this lovely one-shouldered blouse and floral skirt. Very sexy, very matchy. Bravo.


Now, for something special. Bear in mind, this was 2010, and while the hipsters were on the rise, they weren’t yet the Death Eaters of fashion as they are today. However, playing the saxophone at McKinley High School was… Queen Hipster.

I love it all, the bowler hat, the strap shoes, the midi dress no one should be able to carry off (but she does!) If anyone knows this girl, please tweet her and let her know she made my life and/or this recap what it is.

All hail Queen Hipster!