What Mindy Wore To Almost Get Married

Mindy is back!! And, while I’m sad to say I didn’t get my full weekly fix of J.Crew, I’m going to let it slide. After all, our girl has been building a hospital in Haiti with her pastor boyfriend. I’m sure the hunt for the perfect merino cardigan is a problem of the past as Mindy seems to have given up shopping for viewing Haitian sunrises. Unfortch, after a very romantic sunrise proposal, Mindy has a gallblatter attack and blacks out. When she awakes, she’s back in NYC where things at the practice are a little different. Danny and his girlfriend/ex-wife aren’t having sex, Dr. McSteamy Reed has gained some weight, and there’s a new OBGYN in town: Dr. Paul Leotard aka James Franco. James, straight off of his award-winning run as drug dealer Alien in Spring Breakers, is an interesting addition to the Mindy project. Truth: how much better would Dr. Leotard be if he were actually Alien playing Dr. Leotard? However, I guess in the grand scheme of Mindy’s outfits, that is neither here nor there.


Since cutting her hair and moving to Haiti, Mindy has also changed her style. Note the “I’m volunteeting in Haiti” number we see below. 

Hm? Where to begin? Well, the boyfriend is cute. I’m unsure why moving to Haiti translates to mom jeans. Also, as someone who just started running, I can confidently say there ARE cute running shoes out there and these? Are not them. Finally, while I understand the functionality of the purple backpack, I’m not on board. Pass me my black Fjallraven any day. 


There is a hope that once (an engaged!!!!!) Mindy returns to New York, her NYC style will return as well…

Well, if the above is anything to go by then I’m going to go with a solid “not so much” on that count. To her credit, Mindy’s hair and make-up look great. However, what’s with the boring shirt/open button down combos? In another season of Mindy (depending on the top) her olive green, skinny cargos would have been kind of cute, but here they just seem out of place. Also, for the love of decent-looking travel gear, ditch the purple knapsack!


And here he is, the man of the hour…

Dr. Paul Leotard in all his well-fitted, plaid shirt-wearing glory. Though he and Mindy get along at first, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Mr. Franco. I mean, Dr. Leotard. Does anyone else expect him to show up at the office with cornrows yelling, “I got scapels in every shape, I got doctor’s coats in every color”? (Last Spring Breakers reference, promise. Except for this: “OB/GYN foreeeveeeeeeh”.)


Mindy and Casey decide to get married while in NYC before they head back to Haiti. However, when Casey accidentally pees on Mindy’s wedding dress (btw, ew) she realizes she doesn’t want to go back to Haiti. Jaime, being the amazing fiance that he is, realizes this on his own and encourages Mindy to stay in NYC.

While the wedding you’ve been planning for a whole 1-2 days may not be the ideal time to have this conversation, it works. I’m slightly confused by why Mindy wears her scrubs when we know she has a s**t ton of dresses in that amazing closet of hers. However, she’s redeemed by Casey who looks adorbs with his hipster/do-gooder, rooster-style hairdo and Mad-Men inspired suit.


So, Mindy decides to remain in NYC. Casey goes back to Haiti. They are getting married (yeah, okay, let’s see how long that actually lasts), and James and Mindy have some couch bonding time.

I’m happy to see J.Crew is returning fast with Mindy’s Comme de Garcons grey hoodie. PS: How much do you want this hoodie, despite the fact that you know it’s priced at around four-hundred dollars? For a grey hoodie. Yep, still want it. My joy at the hoodie is short-lived by the fact that Mindy is in potential crisis: both she and James want to stay at their practice. What’s a girl to do?

Tune in next week to find out: Will Mindy and Casey will last? Will Mindy and Danny realize they may have a connection? Will Dr. Reed lose those extra pounds? And finally, will James Franco be booted from the practice for secretly dealing drugs? (okay, THAT was my final Spring Breakers reference).