For the season finale with our fav Manhattan ladies, the great debate is: Can we be friends with our exes? Miranda and Steve reunite only to become friends-with-benefits and Charlotte wants to reunite with her first love, horseback riding (not a super interesting storyline for Char this week). Carrie speaks to Big for the first time since the break-up only to find out that he’s engaged to Natasha (ouch!) and creates a HUGE scene in the middle of a restaurant. Samantha isn’t friends with any of her exes (non-shocker), but meets a new man that is far too well endowed for her… who would have thought?


Miranda looks bored helping Carrie pick out flowers. I’d be bored too if I was wearing that awful dress. I’m not sure there’s anything good about it, I’m just going to gloss right over it.

Carrie’s kinda blah today too in her pink cami and pale yellow capri pants, but her bag is to die for. WANT. At least their outfits are good for running, because Miranda spots Steve heading towards them and they bolt like teenagers.


Okay, so the color of Mir’s dress is better close up. Maybe if it was just a top? I don’t know. I give up.

Loving Charlotte’s dress though. Pretty, summery and appropriate for someone her age. Huzzah!


But apparently 1 of the 4 needs to be dressed like a child, as I’m pretty sure I had Carrie’s tank circa 1994 (That would have made me 11, thank you).

Sam’s top is so classy and basically what she should have been wearing in the Hamptons last week. Amazing accesorizing, too — I wish we could see what’s under the table. Is it a dress or is it a top? Either way, it’s a win for Samantha.


Miranda’s chilling at home in almost exactly what I wear every day. Add 5 more biscotti and a blonde wig and you’ve got me down.

Steve drops by in a standard hunter green tee looking adorable, and he and Miranda say the word “shitty” so many times that it becomes uncomfortable. Like when you say anything too many times. Bowl. Bowl. Bowl. Bowl. See? Weird.


Anyway, after that little reunion, we cut to Samantha looking hot as all hell in a little red dress.

No wonder she catches the eye of nearly every man she passes.


Meanwhile, Carrie musters up the courage to call Big and try to be friends. It’s all very awkward on Carrie’s end, and she’s donning the same white cami that I swear she wears at least once every week. Today, she pairs it with a shimmery pink skirt that is obviously what a normal person wears to lounge around the house. 

Big is cool, calm and collected in a standard white button-down and a stunning olive tie — what a great color on him. Lunch? Yeah, that can only go well for the toxic twosome.


At their non-date, Big looks polished and business-like, as per usual. Too bad he’s a big ball of nerves for some reason… Oh, yeah, he’s telling Carrie that he’s engaged to his 20-something girlfriend of 5 seconds, Natasha. Snap!

At least Carrie is dressed to kill in this pale pink sheath. The cut and fit are absolutely fantastic and perfect to show Big she’s totally over him. At least, until she freaks out and causes a huge scene in the middle of a fancy restaurant. 


After such a slap in the face, Carrie turns to her friends for a bitching session. Unfortch, her style sense is suffering in this get-up. The jeans are fine, but that top. Ugh, that top. Is she planning on picking up he next date on the street corner? Red leather, corset back? No. Just, no.

And it’s intervention time for Charlotte and these soccer Mom jeans. You were dressing like a tween, and that was bad. You started to bring it around, and we were all excited, but now we’re getting the sads again as you’re looking like a mid-life crisis. Reel it back in, dear. We’re only telling you this because we care.


In the meantime, Samantha ends her date with her well-endowed companion in the only way she knows how.

Posing sensuously in a color coordinated coral outfit, of course! She must own a pencil skirt in every color under the sun, no? 


She also owns a sexy leopard print dress, and the ability to pull it off like no one I’ve ever seen. Minimal accesorizing is the key here, I think. 

Carrie’s dress, on the other hand, gets a meh from me. The fit’s all wrong, but at least she’s not wearing pink for the first time this episode.


And as it turns out, Miranda and Steve are pretty great at being friends… until they sleep together. 

They’re pretty good at color coordinating their outfts, too. As I have mentioned before, I don’t like short-sleeved button-downs at all, but Steve looks pertty great in burgandy, and so does Mir. The pattern in the dress is a little weird… like flat mohair(?), but props for the fit and shape. 


Oh hey, Charlotte’s in this episode, too, you guys! 

Gamely taking on this week’s Miranda-style terrible plotline, Char gets to bond with a new equestrian bestie. This outfit is something I’m pretty sure she had sitting in her closet — riding boots and trousers, with a plain white tee. It looks fab on her, and is obviously appropriate for the occasion, but the highwaisted khakis make this look a little old. We’re getting back on track, though.


In the meantime, Big calls Carrie to apologize, and Carrie reciprocates in a decidedly mature manner. While going through her mail she wears some sort of pink (shock!) kimono. Is it a robe, is it a blouse? Who’s to say?

I’m not totally hating it, but the sleeves would annoy the hell out of me. As would an invitation to an engagement party for my ex and his 20-something fiancee. I love how she pushes it of the bed with her foot like it’s a dead mouse.


Miranda finally comes to the realization that Big is Carrie’s “Hubbell” from The Way We Were (one of my all time favorites, btw), and she’s totally right. Cue the spontaneous rendition of the theme song.

Miranda seems to be blending into her bar stool, but Sam’s pulled another colorful pencil skirt from her collection for a lovely lavender tone-on-tone look. Charlotte seems to be wearing some sort of slip dress, I assume to counteract the school marm look she’s been going for throughout the episode.


And Barbra Carrie’s rocking a simple white dress and fabulous hair. 

So glad after a season of highs and lows, she ends with a gorgeous head of hair. Perfect for sauntering over to Big and finally letting him go. (SPOILER: Until the next like 17 times they get together and break up again).


It’s hard to let a fine man like this go, am I right? Excellent tan suit and navy tie combo. I’m not sure how she could resist.

“Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.” Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water-colored memories, of the way we were… 

Whoah, sorry, I drifted up there.

So that’s it for the season, kids! Is Big really leaving us for good? Is Steve back in our lives? One thing’s for sure, Charlotte needs to go shopping and I’m free for a spree!