So, it’s no secret that Revenge(!!!) went more than a little off the rails in its sophomore season. The traditional fist-shaking we use around here when saying the name of the show (“Revenge(!!!)”) became more about our annoyance with the show itself, rather than stating our love of the protagonist’s vendetta. Personally, I blame The Initiative. Not just the plotline, like, the actual Initiative itself: clearly they held the writers hostage and forced them to write in plotlines like Jack’s Bar, Emily’s Mom, and AmeriCON Industries. But things seem to be looking up for season three. Not just because of this gorgeous/creepy new artwork:

Here are five reasons the new season may bring back the crazy bananapants funtimes that made us fall in love with Emily/Amanda and the whole Hamps gang. Beware: HERE BE SPOILERS!!


1) As per this interview with new showrunner Sunil Nayar, The Initiative is NO MORE.

THANK YOU BABY JESUS. I’m so thankful to bid farewell to The Initiative and their whole “take over the world by causing a blackout and also they caused the plane crash so the Graysons are sort of innocent pawns but not really and the head is this evil woman

…except then she was killed by Queen V

…but actually that was Connie’s plan because he’s in charge of The Initiative, or something? But now this guy is in charge:

…only now he’s dead? Also The Falcon was there, and Nolan defeated her playing arcade game”



Smell ya later, The Initiative.


2) According to this interview with Emily Van Camp, Emily Thorne’s love life will be simplified via the removal of Daniel as a love interest.

By the end of the second season, Em had her secret pining love for Jack; her secret ninja love with Aidan; and her guilt-ridden love with Daniel. That’s not a love triangle, that’s like a love trapezoid (especially since Ashley’s always on the edges, dating Daniel except when she’s sleeping with Conrad).

And this is especially notable because…


3) Jack knows Emily’s true identity!!

This can only bring about good plot developments. There’s only so long Jack can fondly remember his childhood love and not notice that EMILY IS HER. Plus, after we saw Jack get his own Revengenda on in season two, he’s proven himself to be a worthy partner for Emily.


4) Out with the old, in with the new.

Getting the ol’ Red Sharpie treatment are:

– Declan and his henleys and his accent nobody else had.


– Fauxmanda and her gorgeous hair and how she got really boring after Baby Carl was born


– Extremely Boring Padma


– AND apparently Ashley is also bidding us all farewell. I don’t know if she’ll be killed off, but the actress is leaving the show. This will obvz leave a small fashion-sized hole (if we ever saw the bottom halves of her outfits, it would be a larger fashion hole) but she really had no use on the show other than party planning.

And we can keep up with her fashionz on Ashley Madekwe’s blog, so that side of things will be covered. Bonus: you actually get to see her shoes on the blog.


And it’s time to give a Hamps welcome to Daniel 2.0 AKA Victoria’s secret son AKA Fox from Passions(!!!)

Or you may know him as the Green Arrow from Smallville.

Or maybe you don’t know him. But trust me, him joining the show can only be good news. Especially if he hooks up with Nolan.

Even if they just have a few shirtless swimming scenes together, I’ll be good.




Is that a promo or is that a promo? Don’t know about you, but us here at YKYLF Towers are counting down to Revenge(!!!)’s premiere on September 29. Remember to check back here for regular fashion recaps!