So, we haven’t covered DWTS here on YKYLF before, but after the announcement of the Season 17 cast we sort of started freaking out. Why? Because it’s the most EPIC DWTS CAST EVER. Also? It includes two YKYLF stars. See if you can spot them:



Here, look again:


In the top row in the pink shirt is none other than Brant Daugherty. Don’t know who that is? You may be more familiar with his name on PLL: NOEL M-F’ING KAHN!

We were wondering why he hasn’t been in Rosewood for like, an entire season. Apparently he ran off to California to pursue his reality TV show dreams.

Song Prediction: considering the PLL connection (and Noel’s connection to the A-Team), we’ll be shocked if he doesn’t pull out The Police’s “I’ll Be Watching You” as a song choice. Possibly for the first episode.


And who’s that in the mirrorball dress in the front row? It’s Amber Riley, Glee‘s Mercedes!


We’re kinda surprised it’s taken this long for a Glee star to cross over to DWTS. After all, the whole Glee cast is known for their acting, singing AND dancing, right? Except for… I have no recollection of Mercedes owning a dance number. Powerhouse vocals, absolutely. But wasn’t she more of the stand-and-point style of dancing? In any case, we’re thrilled to get her gorgeous smile back on our TVs on a weekly basis.

Song prediction: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. I mean, obviously. Though it would be killer if they let her perform to Mercedes’ original song “Hell To The No.”


There are some other stars who we’re pretty psyched about, first and foremost, Elizabeth “Showgirls” Berkley!


Song Prediction: While I’m sure one (or more) of her costumes  may refer to Showgirls (although they’ll give her, you know, a top), that movie’s not known for its musical selections. So we suspect they’ll trot our her Saved By The Bell connection if they can figure out how to foxtrot to the SBTB theme.


And saving the best for last, we’ve got Bill Nye The Science Dancing Guy!

You know he’s got the nostalgia vote down. Plus, he’s long and lean, which means he could do a killer paso doble.

Song Selection: We’ll be flabbergasted if his first dance isn’t set to Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science.” I mean, DWTS is not the sort of show to let that opportunity pass them by.


Will you be checking out DWTS? Or, as this season shall henceforth be known, DWTYKYLFS? You know you have to at least check out the premiere to see what kind of moves Bill Nye’s bringing to the table. Catch the premiere tonight, September 16, on ABC!