Fall is most definitely upon us, and that means crisp leaves, apples, cozy sweaters, boots…and a few new trends. So we decided to figure out what our fav YKYLF stars might be wearing this season.

WHAT: Emerald Green

Declared the color of 2013 by Pantone, emerald green (and other variations of green) dominated the color palette of FW2013.

WHO: Ashley Davenport, Ashley Marin, Mindy Lahari


Ashley may be plagued by “stuck-behind-office-furniture” syndrome, but is consistently one of the most fabulously dressed assistants on television. it. She’d be one of the first to jump on the emerald green bandwagon – and she was. Likewise, Mindy also wore a gorgeous green number here. And Ashley Marin, winner of “best dressed TV mom”, also has an impressive repertoire of jewel-toned silk tops and amaze office-wear. She looks fab in green – orange is so not her color.


Emerald green:



WHAT: Punk

Perhaps in anticipation of the Met Gala, many designers populated their collections with tartan, leather, studs, and safety pins, all of which echo Vivienne Westwood.

WHO: Megan Draper, Larissa Loughlin, Aria Montgomery




Megan, the glam soap opera star that she is, isn’t afraid to push limits in the 60s, nor would she be afraid of a few studs. Larissa had four topless men to carry her into a party wearing this – she’d be the first to embrace any crazy trend. And so would Aria, wearer of half-leopard leggings. In fact, Aria’s style is already heavily influenced by punk – mixed in with a dash of bananapants crazy.





WHAT: Menswear/Academic

No, not boyfriend jeans/sweaters/whathaveyou, but menswear fabrics: herringbone, houndstooth, tweed. What you’d (presumably) see in mass quantities among the faculty of an English boarding school.

WHO: Spencer Hastings, Mouse Chen

Spencer, Queen of everything preppy, would obviously be all over this. In fact, I’m pretty sure half her closet is tweed. The other half? Animal print anything. Mouse tends towards the cardigan-and-headband prep, but we’d love to see her in fewer sweater sets and more menswear fabric.





WHAT: Classic/Mid-Century

Belted waists, pleated skirts… this is the sort of classic look that never goes out of style. Regardless, FW2013 was a profusion of flowing skirts, nipped waists, and gorgeous draping.

WHO: Carrie Bradshaw, Emily Thorne, Emma Pillsbury, Betty Francis


Carrie’s tastes vary, but she can almost always be found in an adorably pleated skirt and matching blouse. This would be a slightly more grown-up translation of her style, but we can’t forget about those tutus. Emma Pillsbury, lover of kate spade cardigans and j.crew everything would be just as adorable if she branched out to other brands. Emily Thorne, who has never made a misstep, has classic, demure style down pat. Not to say she doesn’t have her fair share of jaw-dropping dresses. And of course Betty Francis owns this category, no explanation necessary.


Mid-Century Classic:



WHAT: Furs

But with a twist. Colourful, sometimes frightening, seriously intriguing furs. Outerwear is always a big part of FW collections, but this year fur plays a larger — and crazier — part.

WHO: Hanna Marin, Brittany S. Pierce, Unique

Aria may be the crazy one, but Hanna’s the biggest risk-taker of the PLLs, fashion wise. Who else could pull off these shiny pants? Girlfriend would be the first to run out and grab a bright yellow fur coat. And Brittany, who wears legwarmers on her arms and pairs tutus with tuxes could easily pull off any crazy (faux, of course) fur piece. As for Unique, she would rock these furs like no one else can. I mean, she pulled off Baby Spice, for goodness sake.




Now if you’ll excuse me, all this autumn talk has me craving a decaf pumpkin spice latte…