There’s nothing we here at YKYLF like better than a dance party. And what’s better than a dance party? A dance party WITH COSTUMES. This summer was another great season for So You Think You Can Dance, the show that consistently fills the sparkly unitard hole left vacant on major networks since networks stopped broadcasting figure skating. There have been literally hundreds of costumes to spotlight, but we’ve chosen to recap some of the most unusual and best here for you. A few rules though: with all ballroom gowns and salsa dresses looking more or less the same, we decided to omit them. No warm-up gear, they’re not costumes and not intentionally cheesy. So here are a few choice outfits as we approach tonight’s grand finale.


Malece & Alan, Top 12

This is clearly a 40s costume on Malece but if you update the hair, swap out the shoes for contemporary heels and remove the socks, guess what? This houndstooth dress is perfect for a cocktail party or baby shower (speaking of which, did you read our tribute to our mighty editor-in-chief when she had her little one?). Absolutely adorable.


That being said, that slit is rather high. No way Betty Draper would wear in public without knocking back three martinis first.


Jenna & Mark, Top 8

Where would one wear these retro 60s-futuristic numbers? Carnaby Street costume parties? Gay bingo? Stylish street fights in the Garment District? The weirdest details almost seem to escape your attention at first look. For instance, did you notice that the gold embellishments are Greek goddesses? This look is not advised for amateurs.

These two clearly took Tyra’s advice to always model H-to-T. Even if it ends up déclassé, at least it’s performance and done on purpose. This is one dance number that knocked it out of the park and defied all genres, and ranks as a true original. (Ed. note: plus All-Star Mark was my fav and he totally should have won season 4. Call me, Mark!)


Jasmine & Marko, Top 10

Fact: nothing is sexier on a man or a woman than a well-cut tapered suit. (See Don Draper in every episode of Mad Men for confirmation.) Or, check out Jasmine and Marko below.

Marko could wear this to the office and be the most stylish one there (sans white socks). I’m pretty sure Jasmine’s perfectly tailored suit was stolen from Janelle Monae’s wardrobe. Though I’m pretty sure Janelle doesn’t have that awesome tie clip embellishment that both she and Kurt Hummel would dance-fight over.


Aaron & Jasmine, Top 6

OK, I will admit that Aaron’s waistcoat is way too showy to wear out even for a cocktail party, but it works as a tank top to go dancing. (Hey, he’s doing it right now!) As for Jasmine, clearly she looks upset that her shimmery body suit was an obvious knock-off from Carolina Kostner’s figure skating costume.

Caro became world champion in her body suit — will Jasmine win SYTYCD in this?


Amy & Jasmine, Top 4

Yes, this is Milla Jovovich’s immortal bandage dress from The Fifth Element (they even use Eric Serra’s original score from the movie), but clearly adapted so that they can wait tables in a futuristic malt shop. Multipurpose on purpose!

Not sure what to think about the visible control-top pantyhose. Or are those tap shorts under the outfits? Either way, it’s a bit sloppy for this futuristic look.


Amy & Aaron, Top 4

I’m fascinated by Amy’s flesh-toned bodysuit. Is she competing against Jasmine to see who can be more provocative while technically remaining clothed? At first I thought that this was a bunch of cut outs that somehow are incredibly durable but if you look at the inner leg it’s a one-piece.


Kudos to the costume department for making the costume an exact match with Amy’s complexion.


Amy & Fik-Shun, Top 4

Combining a leather corset on top of leather pants with a coat could come off like Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix, but Amy pulls it off. Girl is determined. She could cut a man down with the laser beams shooting out of her eyes like a superhero.

Fik-Shun was able to protect himself from her ferocity with his own diva power in what appears to be Johnny Weir’s outfit from his “Poker Face” exhibition number.


Top 4

What’s summer without a white party? Let’s evaluate them from left to right, shall we?

Amy’s white dress with front zipper is reminiscent of a recent Azzedine Alaïa that retails for about $2,600. The fabric here has to be lighter and workable for dance, so I’m guessing it’s poly-cotton and cost more like $26 — but it still works beautifully. Loving Fik-Shun’s deconstructed white biker blaze, bow tie and skin-tight white jeans. Jasmine’s in yet another bandage number (is this like her trademark now?), while Aaron’s prepared to star in a Great Gatsby sequel. (Speaking of white parties, if you’re in the Chicago area, get thee to our editor-in-chief Jen’s Chicago in White soiree later this month.)


Who do YOU think will be declared tonight’s winner of SYTYCD 10?