The loss of Cory Monteith really puts all the superlatives I planned to use into perspective. That said, Heather Morris and Jayma Mays leaving Glee still sucks, though. Emma Pillsbury was always my favourite Glee character because of her sweetness, her desire to do right by everyone and, of course, her excellent taste in cardigans. As for Brittany S. Pierce: an icon. A legend. She started as the dumbest blonde on television and went on to champion acceptance, being yourself and furry hats. This blog showcases one of those hats, along with several other gems from both Brittany and Emma. Sayonara, ladies, we don’t know what we’ll do without you.



Brittany’s outfits over the years can be broadly classified into three categories: Animals, Costumes and Miscellaneous, known to you kids as “WTF?”

1. Animals

Brittany was never one to shy away from the weirder side of fashion. Here, she’s actually rocking a sheepskin edged waistcoat alongside other shades of brown, which is usually a big no-no. And who knew fluff and bling went so well together?

I actually have big love for Brittany’s glitzy belt and eagle ring, plus her awesome Navajo knee highs. Does she shop with Aria Montgomery?


2. Costumes

Say what you like about her treatment of cats, Brittany could always rock a costume. Some were on topic, like the cavewoman costume she wore for her performance of Kesha in Prom-asaurus, which she then swapped for…for…for a Doctor Seuss character with a full skirt.

It’s got a nice vintage feel and looks like Fred Astaire had a baby with an Easter egg.


Sometimes, Brittany wore something so amazing you remembered how stunning Heather Morris is and that girl crush you’d been suppressing came flooding back.

In Sadie Hawkins, she wore this gorgeous one shouldered dress with a delicate, petal-like skirt with sparkles galore and a matching corsage and looked like the sickest Sugar Plum Fairy ever. Get a similar prom look with this Tutu and From dress.


4. Misc.

Some trends should have been left in the eighties, like arm warmers. Some trends should have been left in the sixties, like tie-dye. Some hats should have just been left in Alaska.

Unsurprisingly, Brittany uses bright knitwear to liven up a grey tank top and actually succeeds: she looks colourful and more like a street style article than a street corner hobo in clothes of future past. Channel your inner Brit with this fun Dearforms trapper hat.



Emma is a cherry pie of a human being with a peach of a wardrobe, broadly classified into four categories: Outerwear, Prim, Different and Wedding.

1. Outerwear

Excepting the good Dr. Mindy Lahiri, no one wears wool like Miss Pillsbury, and no one does a theme better either.

Here, she shows her school spirit in a crimson double-breasted coat and beret with an adorable bobble. The bow from her blouse just peeks past her collar and adds some much needed contrast. Lady in Red, much? Get a similar look in this Red Valentino wool bow coat.


2. Prim

In my wildest dreams, I hope to look this pulled together in pictures.

Buttoned up to her chin in a palette of butter yellow and soft florals, this look is classic Emma all the way from the multiple bows on her placket to her minimal accessories. Women who wear skinny gold watches are always classy. If their hair is that good too, they’re doubly classy. Get a similar look with this Kate Spade floral cardi.


3. Different

Even if she to shuck Pinterest-worthy pastels and vintage silhouettes for a day or two, Emma could never be anything but chic.

In the midst of a breakup, she puts a spin on a little black dress by following her passion for cardigans and adding some eye-catching crystal work as well as a black patent belt to clash with the matte black of the rest of her.


4. Wedding

With nearly as many weddings under her belt as Lily van der Woodsen, it was difficult to say yes to just one dress; however, this traditional-cum-modern gown, with its lace overlay and structured bodice, ticks the boxes.

Emma wanted to look like Princess Diana at her first wedding, but she looks more like Kate Middleton in this oh so feminine, oh so romantic, oh so perfect choice.


Let’s have a moment of silence for two great actresses and two outstanding clothing collections (and by “outstanding,” I do occasionally mean “WTF?”)