This week C-Bradz’s thesis statement is a legit question: do we just continue to date the same person over and over again, doomed to make identical mistakes in every relationship we attempt? The gang attempts to address this very important existential question, and even from their small sample size, it seems they certainly have a problem with rinse-and-repeat relationships. Carrie goes back to the same “f*** buddy” after each devastating breakup. Miranda likes dating clones of herself. Charlotte wants the whole fairy tale, complete with cookie cutter Prince, but is willing to throw him out for even the smallest infraction. And we would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not know by now that what Samantha likes is sex, and plenty of it.


As happens so often on this show, the show opens with Carrie randomly running into someone on the street. This time, it’s Skipper. Remember Skipper from Season One? Miranda’s Worst Boyfriend Ever?


As also happens frequently, at least this week, Carrie is wearing a poncho. 

If Carrie Bradshaw can’t pull off the poncho look, the rest of us mere mortals are doomed. At least she didn’t go overboard on the pattern mixing –  but those ratty pigtails have got to go. What happened to last week’s AMAZING LOCKS OF GLORY? To be fair, it’s raining. 

Anyway, Skipper’s history of always being broken up with for the same reason is what gets Carrie thinking about romantic patterns.


She brings this idea, along with the episode’s second poncho, to a picnic lunch with the ladies.

Because when I think picnic, I instantly think knitted poncho a la my grandmother’s couch. What do you think she’s wearing under this ode to Ugly Betty? 

 Did you guess… this? 


Did she come directly from working at the Beer Gardens at Oktoberfest? If not, why does she own this outfit? In either case: why did she wear it with a poncho to a picnic? Maybe it’s better we don’t know.


Anyway, Carrie’s bad habit is returning to the same “comfort” guy every time her relationship goes south. With her on-again/off-again thing with Big, that’s probably keeping this guy pretty busy. Meet The F*** Buddy (aka Dennis Duffy The Beeper King from 30 Rock).

Interestingly, his name is John, the same as Big. He’s like Big-lite, without even a percentage of the oozing charisma his namesake has.


Back at the picnic, only Samantha Jones could look so chic wearing what appears to be a blanket. 

I didn’t realize Central Park had such a casual dress code. Blankets, ponchos, frauleins – apparently anything goes.


Pop quiz: What are two things that Miranda’s head has in common?

Answer: see below.

The sad thing is that those teal-blues are stunning on her, and if she hadn’t insisted on doubling up like this, she would have looked great for a casual picnic in the park.


Miranda’s relationship pattern, as she sees it, is that she dates lots of powerful guys. (To the viewing audience, her problem seems to be more that the writers give her the WORST BOYFRIENDS). Anyway, this is her piece of the week, Kevin.



Charlotte also has a nasty habit that the entire group agrees she repeats ad nauseum: she finds The Perfect Guy, waits for The Perfect Date, then ditches Prince Charming because of something a little less than perfect. Charlotte is also the only one who got the memo regarding appropriate attire for the venue. 

Love her boxy pink jacket, paired over the red zip-up, plus she looks positively Blair-like in her headband.


Later that night, Sam’s just lounging in bed in her usz perfectly coordinated loungewear.

What a fabulous silk robe, with a gorgeous gold print. She’s even coordinating with her crimson and gold sheets. But we wouldn’t expect any less from Samantha, who probably spends half her time in that bed. Her non-plotline this week is that her neighbors are having loud sex, and she decides to join in. Whatevs, it gives us an excuse to peep at her amaze lingerie.

This lacy peach bra and matching silk robe are simply gorgeous.


Things are heating up with Kevin, which apparently means Miranda cares even less about her clothes than normal.

This shiny blue coat is pretty meh. But at least Kev’s making her happy, right?


Interestingly, Carrie’s having a similar sartorial meltdown due to good sex – in her case, from The F*** Buddy. Like her best friend, Carrie apparently doesn’t care how ridiculous her clothes are. Red flowered short shorts paired with a beaded fringe crop-top?

Carrie, you are better than this. Please remember that.


You’re also better than Mini-Big.

Ugh, he’s such a slimy skeeze.


It also turns out that he’s boring in any non-sexual situation, as Carrie discovers when they try a date somewhere other than her bed. Her blue dress is full-skirted and old fashioned romance at its best.

The other John would have loved it, but this particular version doesn’t have much to say at all.


The morning after Carrie’s date, the girls meet at yoga to dish on her non-chemistry with The F*** Buddy. Love their yoga outfits, and how everyone else in the class just happens to be wearing white so that our ladies stand out as much as possible.


Carrie might be down in the dumps about her Fuck Buddy’s datability index, but at least her hair’s cute.

A vast improvement over those ratty pigtails from earlier.


Charlotte’s little plotline has her dipping her toes outside of her comfort zone by asking a guy out herself. Love the embroidery on her green tunic, and her perky ponytail.

She’s so damn cute, no guy would ever turn her down. 


Unfortunately, Char goes too far out of her zone. Instead of just one date, she schedules two for the same night, attempting a juggling act that even worries Samantha. The idea of this cream dress with matching coat isn’t bad, but it kind of falls flat in execution. It’s wrinkly and the beige-y white of it just isn’t flattering on her skin.

If I had two dates in one night, you’d better believe I’d find an awesome outfit to wear.


Miranda, still hanging out with Kev, dresses up to show off her new man to the ladies. She looks more stunning here than in any episode I can recall to this point.

The orange sheath is stunning on her, and I love the simple beaded necklace. So chic.


Speaking of chic, when is Sam not dressed to impress? Samantha Jones not only knows good sex, she knows a damn good brunch outfit. 

The midnight blue off-the-shoulder dress is beautiful on her, and the chunky gold jewelry is a fabulous touch that adds just the right amount of luxe to her outfit. Plus, her hair is gorgeous.


Carrie continues her extremely odd streak of outfits with this too-tight jacket.

We know Carrie delights in a whole range of fashion disasters, but this is the same woman who wore hot pants and a beaded fringe bra earlier! There’s no need to cover up now, honey. Let your goods breathe a little.


Miranda emerges as the winner of this episode, though. She dumps Kevin for his terrible temper, didn’t have to share any screen time with Skipper, wore the orange ensemble above, and pulls off this profesh ensemble as well. Loving the combo of the light purple shell with her normal power suit armor.

Unlike when Carrie blabs on about enjoying singlehood, Miranda looks genuinely relaxed and liberated. Look out men of Manhattan: Miranda Hobbes is back on the prowl.