Carrie is dealing poorly with her break-up with Big, but her hair continues to look fabulous. It seems as though her friends are taking the brunt of her distress, so they hold an intervention to get Carrie into the chair of therapist to the stars, Dr. G. She attends, reluctantly, that is until she meets the handsome Seth (aka Jon Bon Jovi). Too bad he’s just as messed up as she is when it comes to relationships… What? You were expecting Parcheesi??


Also a mess? Whatever is happening in the opening shot. 

Other than excellent hair, and endless bitching about Big, I’m not really sure what’s going on, fashion-wise anyway. Carrie looks a bit like Daisy Duke in the city, with that leather tank and rolled up jeans, and Char’s a little too Little House on the Prairie for me. Is it just me, or does Charlotte always look a bit like a little girl playing dress-up? We get it, you’re sweet and innocent.


The complaining continues into a night out with Samantha, where Carrie pulls out an adorable 50’s style dress (and perfect hair).

Sam looks chic, as per usual, in a structured salmon colored tank and pencil skirt with that enviable black patent clutch. The entire ensemble comes complete with eye roll. No added charge.


Carrie’s unrelenting monologue continues in Miranda’s apartment, where Carries dons a fab color-blocked bandage dress in the middle of the day (as you do… Just ask Victoria Grayson…).

Not sure what’s going on with the hair though. Up or down, Care-bear. Not this in between mess.

Miranda seems to be wearing a sheer curtain of some sort, but I do love the royal blue color of the top she’s wearing underneath.


Finally, the girls have had enough, and stage an intervention. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people looking more like they wish their iced tea was poisoned.

I’m pretty sure I owned that tank of Carrie’s back in the day. Awful. I’m dying over that clutch bag of hers though. It really brightens up the dullness in the rest of the scene. It may have helped if any of the ladies sat up straight, but I guess the weight of Carrie’s moaning has dragged them down. I feel ya.


Carrie brings it back when discussing her need for therapy with Stanny. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her gold shoulder bag. Wish I could have gotten a better pic. Gorge hair, and a nice simple tank and beautiful printed silk skirt. Five stars from me, Ms. Bradshaw. 

Do you think Stanford called to ask what Carrie was wearing before they met up? They match perfectly. I hate to say it, because I love me some Stanny, but I completely disapprove of short sleeved button downs. Sorry, my love.


Carrie reluctantly enters into therapy with Dr. G, therapist to the stars, and she looks stunning.

That hair. That dress. Seriously, you guys, I’m crushing like crazy. Have you seen anything more flattering on Carrie?


Dr. G is every bit the professional in her lavender blouse and khakis.



Carrie dishes to the ladies about her first session, and I’m glad she didn’t change out of that dress. Still lusting over here.

Miranda’s a bit bland in black for an evening out, but the cut is flattering. Sam is ever the siren in her form fitting top and pencil skirt. Lovely cream blazer and headband, too (you know how we love a headband around here). Char’s still looking like she’s raided her mother’s closet, forever in shades of pink. At least the color is flattering? Ugh.


Carrie’s decidedly dressed down for her second session.

Great hair. Love the color of the tee, but what is that mess below the waist? No. Just, no.


Carrie decides to step it up quite a few notches from her last appointment to flirt with sexy Seth (aka Jon Bon Jovi). What a fine man. Yes, I said fine.

Carrie’s found her inner bombshell in this little number. I don’t think that the neckline is super flattering on her, but it shows a bit of cleave, and that’s usually all you need to get a man’s attention, am I right?


Carrie questions her decision to accept a dinner invitation from Sexy Seth (his new official name, in my book), over dinner and a Knicks game with Sam. Not a fan of the braids, but for a causal night in with a friend and a glass of wine, it’s fine by me.

Sam keeps it classic with a fitted tank and some casual black trousers. Love the shoes, but wouldn’t you take those off to lounge around? I know I would.


Meanwhile, Miranda continues her game of hide and seek with the hottie across the alleyway wearing some ridiculous kimono. 

It would be easier, and sexier, to flash your ta-ta’s from beneath a little slip, rather than this drapery, Mir.


 Carrie goes out with Seth looking like Tinkerbell. From the chest up, anyway.

Seriously though, breaking up with Big has done wonders for your hair, Carrie. Stunning.


And Miranda is staking her boy toy in the supermarket, in what seems to be a nightie?

While this cut isn’t flattering on her (or anyone), the color is beautiful. Too bad the dude she’s stalking is gay. All the good ones are, Mir.


Sam joins her most recent conquest for the end of the Knicks season, and a little hanky-panky, in a lovely floral dress and simple gold accessories.

Too bad her man is a bit schlubby, and far too into sports. I feel for you Sam. I’m a football widow myself.


Carrie brings Seth back to her pad for a little late night action, in what I can only assume was a costume for a date at the roller rink on disco night.

The shorts and shoes are fantastic…I actually have those shorts (not the legs, though). But that top (Bra? Bathing suit?) is atrocious. Doesn’t seem to matter to Seth as they end up naked quickly enough, and Carrie finally realizes that she does, in fact, pick the wrong men. Though that’s not hard to deduce when Sexy Seth admits he’s in therapy because he loses interest in women as soon as he sleeps with them. Oh well.


So what do we think, kids? Will Charlotte find a wardrobe appropriate for a 30 year old? Will Carrie ever pick the right man? Will any of these ladies, for that matter? I hope not any time soon, if it means we get more scenes of shirtless dudes like Sexy Seth.