Last night, the biggest stars of teen TV made their appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. Pretty Little Liars made out like thieves, winning 7 surfboard/awards. But who were the winners on the red carpet? We called a special YKYLF staff meeting to discuss the most memorable outfits.


Co-hosts Darren Criss (Glee) and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) 

Kim: Props to Darren for wearing a different colored suit – loving the army green on him. 

Ritchie: I want that suit.

Ann: I’m not used to seeing Lucy Hale dressed in so few accessories. But like.. are her top, skirt and clutch supposed to be different shades of white?


Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson (Hanna)

Bella: …is that a handkerchief tucked into her waistband? And a net curtain hanging off the handkerchief?

Kim: Looks like she got in a cat fight on her way over and she had to reassemble her tattered outfit.

Kate: All black or all blue would have at least made a little more sense with the peach shoes.

Jen: I think it’s the black and the blue and the gold purse AND the peach shoes that are throwing me off. Three colors is my limit, apparently.

Kate: Note to Ashley Benson: Look at Lucy Hale for crop top advice 


Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell (Emily)

Kim: I am loving the jumpsuits this year – this is a tad low cut in the front, but the nerps seem to be under control, so I can deal. Like the simple styling and pop of colour with the shoes.

Carla: Never has a waitress looked so chic.

Kate: Obsessed with her hair and makeup. Perfect complement to the waitress jumpsuit.

Jen: I think this is my favorite. She’s so elegantly sexy, but the chartreuse shoes add a fun, fresh touch.


Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse (Alison)

Kim: This is also a cute jumpsuit… in theory. Those pants are not doing anything for her hips or legs. Lurve the top but she’s looking super wide and stunted on bottom (take it from a fellow shrimp – we can’t pull off extra wide legs, honey)

Kate: This might just be a bad camera angle for her because when they all went up on stage, I thought she looked fierce — and tall.

Ann: It’s true, this angle is doing her no favours. She had to like, double over to hug Janel Parrish (Mona) when the PLL cast went up to pick up their awards. Moral of the story: wide-legged pants are never a good idea, unless your legs are as long as…


Glee’s Jane Lynch (Sue)

Ritchie: Oh momma, she’s got legs for days.

Kim: Nice Jane! She looks very cool and sleek – those pants look amazeballs on her long gams. The leather jacket makes this though – otherwise it would be very “casual job interview” (snooze)


Glee’s Lauren Potter (Becky)

Kim: Um adorable?! This is the perfect colour and cut for her – very tasteful but still fun, with a retro twist.

Jen: That IS a gorgeous color. It’s so beautiful with her hair color.

Ann: Also a very flattering bodice for her bust size. Wish she’d done something more with her hair, though.


Glee’s Naya Rivera (Santana)

Kate: Britney or Xtina definitely owned those pants…or maybe they were even Shakira’s back in the day.

Carla: Agreed. This is Britney in the early 2000s — revealing, tacky, and a little bit inappropriate, but naya just looks so good.

Kim: Is she trying out for “sexy sidekick lady #2” in the new Machete movie or did Santana get a job in a s&m parlour to help pay the bills??

Bella: Disney Princess Jasmine gone bad.

Ritchie: Sheherazade, as interpreted by the Pussycat Dolls.


The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine)

Kim: I actually kind of like this! The print is weird (is that paint splatter?) but I like the cut and the tux stripe down the leg. Could do without the bow in the back though – too much! 

Bella: I love a jumpsuit, but come on, Nina! Teens don’t mean boring black and a sloppy pattern!

Ritchie: Italian figure skater, but I mean it as a compliment in this case. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it outfit, but a bold choice.


Pretty Little Liars’ Ian Harding (Ezra)

Ritchie: I wear this grocery shopping. It’s cold in the produce section.

Kim: This is what you wear to hang out with your friends at the mall on a Saturday afternoon, not to a major awards show…although it is an awards show catering to those that hang out at the mall with their friends on Saturday’s, so perhaps this is perfect!

Carla: Peter Pan lost his bow and arrow on his way to the teen choice awards!


True Blood’s Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin)

Bella: Worryingly like Betty Draper, only with more bizarre cut-outs.

Kim: Russian Figure Skater

Ritchie: Agreed. Not quite a matching shade but … close enough?

Kate: What’s with the lace sleeves? It is still August, right?



Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel)

Everybody: Flawless. Also: **hugs**


What do you guys think? Who’s your pick for best-dressed this year?