Big news in YKYLF land: our Editor-in-Chief, the fabulous Jen, has just had a baby!! As a tribute to our beloved leader, the YKYLF staff got together to make up this dossier of TV pregnancy style. Enjoy! 



Full House‘s Aunt Becky is looking fab in this red, silk nightie/men’s shirt (?). But let’s be real. 95% of that is due to her devoted babydaddy John Stamos, rocking a denim tux with leather sleeves.


We miss the 90’s and our weekly Stamos fix.


Speaking of the 90s, Jennifer Aniston was TV’s golden girl AND Mrs. Brad Pitt when her character got knocked up on Friends.  


Is she making that face because she just saw her own reflection? Rach, you know you’re supposed to play peek-a-boo with the actual baby, right?  


Her fellow Friend was in a different league of pregnancy when Phoebe carried triplets as a surrogate for her brother.


Forget the Santa pants she tried to pawn off on Rachel in “The One With the Rumor,” you could totally shoplift more melons in this flowy and snowy little (or not so little) number. For a white maternity dress that’s not a tent, we suggest this cute dress by NOM.


Note: Phoebe and Rachel both made great use of their bellies as tables to hold both plates of food and cans of beer.


Is this why they call it the “yummy mummy tummy?” Full disclosure: one YKYLF staffer admits she made use of her bump as a beer coaster. Ain’t no shame, ladies.




We can’t remember the timeline of Alyson Hannigan’s RL pregnancies and her TV pregnancy, but whether the actress is really pregz or not here, these looks get full windmill snaps. Lily is a total fashionista on HIMYM, and these ensembles show why. 


What’s great about both of these outfits is that you could easily wear them when you’re not pregnant. The look on the left with the cropped jacket is elegant and casual, while the wrap sweater on the left makes us want to curl up with a mug of cocoa and a handsome hubby like Jason Segel. For a similar non-maternity version of the jacket, we like this cropped plaid number from Akris.


Also setting a high standard for nine months of high fashion is good girl gone bad (gone good again) Quinn on Glee. In this pic below, she’s working her pregnancy belly like Madonna (not Lourdes’ Mom; the Biblical one). Seriously, she’s like something out of a Renaissance painting called PORTRAIT OF GORGEOUSSITY.


Funny how her usual array of floral prints and frilly flourishes worked better as maternity-wear than they ever did as a high school Mean Girl.


Joining her in the ranks of the maternity by way of Botticelli is Betty Draper, pregnant with Baby Gene.


No wonder she snagged her second husband while working her pregnancy glow and this late-60s white lacy number. Get a similar look with this lacy white maternity dress from ASOS.


Downton Abbey‘s Lady Sybil is also goddess-like, floating around her (ultimately tragic **sob**) pregnancy in an array of gauzy, pastel-coloured 1920s ensembles.


Even without trying, she effortlessly steals the show at Edith’s wedding. 


Also stealing the show (or movie) was Charlotte’s Kate-Middleton-esque maternity wear in the first SATC film.


You just know Char was the kind of lady who’s been planning nine months of maternity style since she was a kid. Seeing her finally achieve her dream was like a shining light in the hot mess that was that movie. That being said, would a real pregnant lady this far along be walking around, lugging that many shopping bags?



Keeping in the SATC realm, Miranda’s pregnancy was unplanned, which may explain how she dressed for the next nine months as if everything was business as usz.


True to form, for Miranda that means mismatching separates, embellished sandals, and a rattan purse apparently borrowed from a 4-year-old. You just know Charlotte was cringing through the whole thing. But hey, at least Mir’s hair looks good!


Remember how Adrianna had a baby in the first season of 90210? Remember she used to date Navid?


While we give her kudos for coordinating colours with Navid so well, the embellishment on the bodice totally wrecks this look. Did she think the flowers would distract from her ginormous bump? We like this non-maternity red empire waisted gown — minus the giant flowers — by BCBGMAXAZRIA.


Though in terms of overembellished maternity wear, Trudy Campbell, approx. 19 months along, takes the cake. Literally. She is dressed like a pregnant cupcake here in a FHF (fabulously-hilariously-fabulous) pink babydoll. 


What we really want to see is the *exact moment* where Trudy saw this piece in the store (maybe at Menken’s — and Rachel Menken herself helped her?) and said out loud “I’m Trudy Campbell, and I make fashion statements — even when I come out of the bedroom at 3am to comfort my bonehead 30-going-on-13 cheating husband.”


Speaking of Mad Men, we nearly forgot about Peggy’s first season “I didn’t know I was pregnant, and neither did the viewing audience” storyline. 


Peggy, unlike our fearless leader or most TV ladies, did not make pregnancy look good. We’re not sure how she thought this was her own version of the freshman 15 because she otherwise seems like a smart girl you could have drinks with.


Lady Mary spent the first two seasons of Downton Abbey under constant pressure to get married and spit out an heir. When she finally got knocked up for the third Christmas Special, we had high hopes she’d make like Charlotte and reveal the wardrobe she’s spent her lifetime planning. What we got, however, was this.


Lady M is serving up epic bitchface in this pic, hopefully at whoever made her think she should ever put her noble arms through the sleeves of this velvet tent.


Over on Modern Family, Gloria pulled off a number of muy elegante pregnancy ensembles (…once she stopped trying to cram herself into her old clothes). Still, this Halloween costume looms large in our memory.


Gloria shows true dedication to character with a detail with the green lips. That sort of detail is why one of our male staffers hopes to make this outfit into the gayest Halloween costume ever.



There is a reason Gossip Girl‘s fifth season broke our hearts. It was not lispy Louis turning into creepy Louis. It was not Blake Lively’s hair getting rattier and rattier. It was not even Chivy Rhickens. It was Blair’s pregnancy wardrobe.

The first issue here is the bizarre decision to not give teeny-tiny Leighton Meester a fake baby bump. Instead, they dressed her in pants up to her pits, various dresses without waists, dark tights and what can only be described as ‘tunics’.


We can only speculate about Blair’s prenatal fashion when expecting her child by Chuck, but you can bet your Elle Macpherson maternity bra she wasn’t wearing drop-waisted orange monstrosities and looking like Lady Sybil Crawley after a fight in a tanning salon. To get this look MINUS the disastrousness, we like this Alice + Olivia floral trapeze dress (it’s not maternity, but Blair never really had a bump anyway, so it seems suitable).



Whatever these TV ladies wore, at the end of nine months of faux-pregnancy, they each got to experience the magical moment of TV birth as their babies emerged from their va-jays in a magic fairy glow.


Or maybe that was just Andy’s fairy babymama on True Blood.


Congrats, Jen!!!



The YKYLF Staff