Miranda takes a trip to the OBGYN that results in not an STD, but in TMI. This leads Carrie to ponder the question: “Have we evolved past relationships?” She wondered — why Big won’t let her leave some items at his place? Umm, maybe it’s because you’re crazy? As for the other three, Charlotte decides to date a straight man (Oliver) who might not be straight, Samantha rekindles a romance with a rich man (Dominic) who broke her heart, and Miranda, after hearing the unfortunate news at the OBGYN, decides to date an opinionated man (whose name I didn’t bother to commit to memory) with hair plugs. Uber noticeable hair plugs. 


Cut to Ms. Hobbes, at the OBGYN.

I mean, who hasn’t shared too much information when someone asks a simple question post break-up? In her defense, Miranda looks quite pretty here. Her make-up is well-done, and she is definitely sporting some Season 2 Miranda Hair, which as you’ll recall, was a vast improvement over Season 1 Miranda Hair.


Unfortch, Miranda has a bigger problem than a break-up with a bartender. Apparently, she only has one working ovary, and decides to share this juicy tidbit with the ladies over lunch. 

This outfit is nicely done, Miranda. The shoulder pads have down-sized, the burgundy blazer goes swimmingly with her dark red hair, and the over-sized pearl earrings bring it all together. Girlfriend may be down an ovary, but she knows how to rock the professional look.


In times of crisis, Miranda can rely on Carrie for a sympathetic face…

And a nice thong at the lunch table.

Miranda and Samantha look a little baffled. However, despite her confusion, Samantha looks timeless in a boatneck royal blue dress with gold jewelry. Let’s just hope she didn’t borrow it from someone as apparently, “commando” is her undergarment of choice. 


After explaining she must travel in a nomadic fashion due to Big’s commitment issues (hence the underwear at the table), Carrie shows us activities she would do if she were able to leave items at Big’s apartment…

You know, like blow dry her already dry hair with the tiniest blow dryer you’ve ever seen. All the while, wearing a cheap-looking, strapless leopard jumpsuit.  I know she’s supposed to be ahead of her time, fashion-wise, but that outfit is not okay. Ever. 


Carrie decides to leave the tiniest blow dryer you’ve ever seen along with about six other items at Big’s apartment. 

Relationship obsession of the week = solved. 


Meanwhile Charlotte, her unwashed hair, and some eyeglasses, head out for a night on the town with a gay, male friend. 

For someone who didn’t wash her hair, it looks pretty shiny, bouncy, and clean. Plus, I’m really digging Char’s casual but structured white jacket over her summery dress. Nice work.


After their night out, Charlotte is about to hop in a cab when…


Confused? So is she…

As she tells the girls, “But I thought he was gay. I didn’t know it was a date. I wore my glasses.”


The next night, the ladies and Charlotte’s look of confusion head out for some cocktails. 

I have to admit, all of the ladies look quite nice here. I do not approve of Samantha’s dress (a little too 90’s Bat Mitzvah for my taste), but Miranda’s burgundy clutch is super cute, Charlotte’s black dress fits her perfectly, and I LOVE Carrie’s long orange skirt and embroidered crop top.




After Charlotte discusses her man problems, Carrie produces the tiniest purse you have ever seen. 

This is to remind us (if we have forgotten) that: relationship obsession of the week = solved.


Unfortch, as soon as everything feels calm, trouble starts a-brewing in the form of Dominic, Samantha’s ex. 

It takes a confident man to wear a powder-blue polka dot tie. In fact, he’s so self-assured that he dumped Sam years ago, breaking her heart. Of course, she promptly agrees to go out with him again, so she can break his.


Meanwhile, Big buys Carrie a present.

Nevermind, it’s just the items she left at his place. Relationship obsession of the week = not solved.


Sam goes to meet Dominic in a dress that she knows he won’t be able to resist. 

The black dress is tasteful and fits her really well. And so, even though it’s not part of her original plan, Samantha sleeps with Dominique.


On the east side of Manhattan, Charlotte throws on what looks like a J.Crew dress (not a Cynthia Rowley, in this fashion blogger’s opinion), and heads to Oliver’s apartment for some home cooking.

No matter who the designer, the material is gorgeous, and that’s a hell of a cut. Not loving Oliver’s shirt, but eh, you win some, you loose some.


Miranda puts on a blue pantsuit and meets up with a date. Go get em, tiger!

Again, bravo for Miranda’s little accessories, such as this delicate necklace and pearl earrings.


Miranda’s date himself is less about jewelry and more about hairplugs. 

Especially when Miranda tells him she’s considering freezing her eggs due to her malfunctioning ovary. Another case of TMI for lawyer Miranda Hobbes. 


On the other side of town, Dominic is repeating history by dumping Samantha once more. 


With exes like that, who needs enemies? Carrie did say Sam’s plan had some holes. And girlfriend knows her holes. Observe this mesh monstrosity:

This top? Not ok, ever. Even when you and your gay husband are trying to determine the sexual orientation your friend’s new possibly-gay-but-possibly-straight beau.


In the end, Ms. York dumps Oliver when she realizes he’s just a “man who squeals and jumps on chairs when he sees a mouse.”

He may be freaking out, but he looks super comfortable in his blue flannel pajamas and white t-shirt.


Carrie’s “relationship obsession of the week” is solved once again when she finds that Big has been hiding photos of the two of them in a drawer. 

Aw, isn’t that precious? We’ll have to tune in next week to see what new issue Carrie will come up with next.