YOU GUYS. Yesterday we found out that The Lying Game has not been renewed for a third season, and we’ve sort of been in a stupor ever since. We got used to pouring one on the ground for Char, but for the ENTIRE SERIES? This is going to take more than just one glass.

Oh hey, thanks Laurel. See, this is why we always liked you.


Things We Will Miss

1) Sutton’s Magical Closet

Because, duh.


But seriously, this closet was the keeper of such fabulousity as Daytime Sequins:


General Daytime Glamour, which included 5″ heels before 8am:


And enviable cocktail rings. Although we suspect these actually came from the ABCFamily Cocktail Ring Warehouse.


2) L.Swift

The best little sister on TV, right? She was fun, she was sweet, she was in a band, she knew how to accessorize. We could always count on Laurel for some perspective and some Lauren Conrad-level braid action.


3) Wee Little Lollipop Mads

It seemed that as the series progressed, her bags got bigger and her hair got bouffant-ier. Like…she could no longer hold all the secrets in her hair and had to supplement with enormous tote bags. Maybe it’s a good thing, for Alice Greczyn’s sake, that the series was canceled because we’re not sure her character could shoulder the ever-growing burden of SECRETS AND LIES!


4) Often Shirtless Ethan

And yet, Not Shirtless Enough.


Things We Will Not Miss

1) Creepy Dads

Oy, these two. Especially Alec — just look at him, being all smarmy on his wedding day. Doing hardly better is Ted, who really needs a shave and a tie. Blech.


2) Thayer

…who frequently blended into walls and whose plot line we didn’t bother to commit to memory. Something about doing something in LA? And then coming back? And then…something, something whatever?


Things We Will Always Wonder:

1) What Happened to Politician’s Wife Char?

She dressed like someone thirty years her senior, which perhaps made sense, given that her mother was the child in their little family dynamic. We totally expected her to pop up on Real Housewives of Scotsdale, staring as the self-rightous one who frequently breaks down in tears. Alas, it’s not to be.


and lastly…


We still don’t understand why it was such a big friggin’ secret. Why, ABC Family? WHYYYYYYYYYY???