This weekend’s tragic passing of Glee star Cory Monteith has spurred a number of online odes to the man and the character he was best known for. We’ll be the first to admit it: we ripped Finn’s fashion choices on more than one occasion, but Cory Monteith was a fine actor (plus, brownie points, said to be a stand-up guy), and in that spirit, we’d like to call out a few of our favorite performances:


1) Singing in the shower

Straight-up honest and adorbs, poor Finn got blackmailed into joining the Glee Club. His crime? Having a great set of pipes, which he kept hidden from the world. — Season 1, “Pilot”


2) Born Again

Finchel throws the duets competition with a hilariously uncomfortable rendition of “With You I’m Born Again”. — Season 2, “Duets”


3) Lady Gaga, I presume?

It took a shower curtain and Lady Gaga for Finn to come to Kurt’s defense in Season 1 “Theatricality”.


4) Wedding singer

Finn serenaded Kurt (and everybody else at their parents’ wedding) with a touching rendition of “Just the Way You Are” — Season 2, “Furt”


5) Big Man on Campus

Finn had a rough ride in season 4 but finally landed at the University of Lima as a BMOC. This episode hinted at new adventures and experiences for Finn, now left to our imagination. — Season 4, “Sweet Dreams”


6) Bonus: Don’t Stop Believing

Remember how this perfomance made you feel? Here, go back and watch it again. Is it raining on your face? Ours too…

Thanks for everything, Cory. You’ll be missed.

What were your favorite Finn moments?