Confession time: this was the first episode I’ve ever watched of Masterchef and it’s probably going to be my last. Even if Graham Elliot (who I TOTALLY saw on Wednesday morning at a donut shop here in Chicago and was all “huh, that’s Graham Elliot” and later that night I was all “huh, Graham Elliot is on this show”) is a regular judge. It was a painful hour of television, and that’s even with a hook like this Glee crossover cooked up (ha!) by some FOX exec. The whole thing felt shoehorned and heavy-handed. I mean, I don’t know what I was expecting — for the Glee kids and the “cheftestants” to do a musical number? But I do know that no one on this show knows how to bake a pie, and that ish would never fly on Top Chef.


Anyway, the episode kicked off with Jane Lynch getting somewhat into character…but not really. Donned in one of Sue Sylvester’s tracksuits, she proceeded to divide the Masterchef crew into cringe-inducing “Beasts” and “Beauties” categories. The whole time, I was unsure if I was watching Jane or Sue. Like…did she bump her head and think she was at a Glee table read? Or was being mean just to be mean? Commit to the role, Jane!


The task was to make lunch for the Glee cast n’ crew. Star sightings took up only a fraction of the episode, and I fully admit to fast-forwarding through much of the chef drama. Instead, I devoted my brainpower to wondering if the actors had come dressed as themselves or in character.

Cory and Matthew? In character…I think. Both are just a smidge cooler than Finn and Schue, even if Cory is wearing a shawl collar sweater, and we here at YKYLF have issues with those. (No, really. Do a search.) Still, I could see these looks popping up on the show.


Jenna and Kevin, on the other hand, are TOTALLY wearing their own clothes. You guys, if Artie wore this sort of look, we would be so very happy.


I’m sorry, I need to look at Kevin’s jacket again.

Yeah, definitely not from the Artie collection — this is about as far away from grandpa sweaters as it gets. And Jenna is super cute in this non-Goth, non-Mod (her two fave trends) white and black number. It’s refreshing to see her in something other than a shift dress.


Neither Wade nor Unique would approve of Alex’s casual henley, but I’m 100% certain that Blake is dipping into Ryder’s wardrobe rack. It’s even McKinley red!


We got one blurry shot of Melissa Benoist looking contemplative, and because she was hiding behind a pitcher, I have no idea whether or not she’s dressed like Marley Rose. The absense of funky headwear makes me think she’s not.


At any rate, it always nice to see Hollywood types eating like normal people.

And because I have a hard time separating Lea Michele from Rachel Berry, I image that Lea was in her trailer, brushing her hair while vocalizing in the mirror, pausing only to nibble on a plain rice cake. You see it too, right? Right?