Since the news broke last night of James Gandolfini’s untimely death, we’ve been feeling all the feels. Tony Soprano? Whacked? Insert line of expletives here! We argue that James’ multidimensional portrayal of a ruthless mob boss paved the way for antiheroes such as Don Draper (yes, they both have Matthew Weiner in common), Dexter, and even (bow your heads) Chuck Bass. And like those men, Tony had his style lessons to share:


Know When to Stop

They may have been twinsies in black leather, but Tony knew to stop short of Paulie Walnuts’ tanning shield. A man of Tony’s position would never be so try-hard. Better to catch a few rays in the privacy of your McMansion’s backyard, feeding the ducks.


The Devil is in the Details

It wasn’t often that Tony wore a pastel suit, and this one really pops with thoughtful details — peep that pocket square, the gold watch, and the immaculate shoes. Especially the shoes. A man of stature never steps out in shlubby shoes.


Big Man = Big Prints

Speaking of stature, itty-bitty prints would have been lost on such a grand physical/personality figure as Tony. Better to leave a bold, graphic impression.


It’s OK to Match the Family

No, not “The Family” — your actual kin. When he wasn’t making heads roll, Tony was a family man, unafraid to coordinate with Carmela or the kids.


When in Doubt, Wear a Suit

Pinstripes, if possible. And it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Thanks for the memories, James. You faded to black way too soon.