Pretty Much No Mercy

Sally’s decided the best way to deal with her trainwreck of a dad is to go to boarding school, where she meets some classic Mean Girls and gets Glen to beat up a boy for her. Don catches Peggy and Ted at a matinee of Rosemary’s Baby, so he tanks their pitch and tells Ted he’s about as obvious as Joan in a string bikini. Peggy storms Don’s office and calls him a monster, leading to Don ending the episode as he began it: drunk and in the fetal position. But, most importantly, Ken gets shot in the face (!) by the Chevy goons, so Pete takes over the account and has to work with Bob Benson, and we find out the truth about Bob Benson: he’s basically a gay, Spanish-speaking Dick Whitman.


Poor Sally. This girl just wants a good parental role model. Now that her dad is out, she’s going the Betty route. I love that they both have their ankles crossed the same way. Sally’s going to be a terrifying mother if she doesn’t get herself some therapy ASAP.

Sally’s in yet another of her plaids, but the dress has a mod feel to it (and definitely a mod hemline). I’m going to miss this look when Sally starts adopting the hippie chic dress code at Miss Porter’s Home for Daddy Issues.


It’s nice to see that no matter what the decade, teenage girls will always be awful.

Mandy’s fringed suede jacket is far out. Paired with the undone collar (in contrast with Millicent’s buttoned-up neckline) there’s no question who’s the Queen Bee in this situation. However, they’re no match for Sally. Sorry girls, but you cannot even begin to compete with the giant ball of messed up that is our girl Sally. In 10 years, she’s going to be either the head of the Mafia or the most terrifying mother ever seen in Westchester.


Parents, this is the best reason not to send your girls to boarding school: they’re so desperate for boys, they’ll put out for Glen. GLEN.

He’s really come a long way, hasn’t he? From creepy boy begging for hair to sideburns and anti-war buttons artfully placed around his army jacket. He’s still dead-eyed like a shark, but he’s grown into himself nicely. As for the two Ms, it’s pretty clear who’s the Regina George and who’s the Gretchen Weiners in this dynamic.


Also clear? That Peggy and Ted are majorly, totally, butt crazy in love.



 Really, Peggy. When Joan’s giving you this look, it’s time to dial back the girlish giggles.


Even with the ill-advised love that cannot be, Peggy’s been our style MVP this season. Gone are the awful secretarial outfits, banished are the ugly plaid dresses.

In their place are covet-worthy scooter dresses and covetable outerwear. Check out the fantastic lining on that coat!


Another great scooter dress, in a very un-Peggy color. It’s almost more in Ted’s color scheme.

And, of course, a giant scarf-like bow. Remember Joan’s season 1 advice? Men love scarves. Oh, Peggy, this will not end well.


Last week Alyson suggested Peggy looked every bit the First Lady, in the best way possible. I’d definitely concur when it comes to this dress.

Who would have thought that the Peggy of the pilot would be consistently bringing it by late 1968? And, more importantly, who would have thought she’d be the one to call a spade a spade when it comes to Don — or, in this case, call a monster a monster?


It looks like we finally got our answer to the age-old question: “How many episodes does it take to get to the center of Bob Benson?”

The mystery may be solved, but our love for him and his impeccable taste has not waned. He’s downright dashing in his green suit and colorful tie (which brings in all the major color themes from the season). And, as always, a striped shirt. The man is bold in life and in business wear. By the way, Matt Weiner, if you’re looking for your next project since we’re getting to the end of the 1960s, I would totally watch a show about Bob Benson and Manolo driving around the country in the 1970s scamming old women and being awesome.


Also, if you’re reading, please don’t kill off my imaginary boyfriend, Hunting Ken.

How adorable is Ken Cosgrove? I cannot believe he’s become my favorite character, but he totally has. He’s the one good guy in that whole damned office, and he can tap dance. He’s got Kennedy good looks and charm. Actually, maybe that’s why he’s been taking it so hard this season — he’s our Kennedy brothers stand-in.


Or, he was. Now he’s the most baby-faced Bond villain ever.

I think we can all agree that Dr. Evil’s Number Two took his style tips from Ken Cosgrove. It takes a certain kind of man to give a death stare with one eye, and Ken Cosgrove is that man.