Die-hard Revenge fans have probably heard the good word: there’s going to be a line of Revenge-inspired threads coming at you this holiday season! Because that’s a long way from now (and because it’s summer and we miss our Montauk crew) we’ve made a wish list of our own. YKYLF hereby requests that Revenge Wear includes the following:


Peignoirs for Plotting by Victoria

Does your family need a little meddling? Quick, to the Plotting Balcony! Queen V’s favorite vantage point for cognac sipping/ominous conversations calls for a wide variety of silky nightgowns and matching robes.



Breezy Sundresses by Charlotte

Hey, remember the time when Charlotte was a one-dimensional Rich Girl with one-dimensional Rich Girl Problems? While her worries may have grown along with her hemlines, we’re convinced that the carefree kid we met in the pilot is still in there, somewhere.




Body-con Bandage Dresses by Victoria/Emily

When she’s not swanning about in nighties, Victoria loves herself a good bandage dress. Emily occasionally follows suit, just to prove that there’s more than one HBIC in the Hamps.




Casual Revenge Wear by Emily

…but one can not live in bandage dresses alone. When it’s time for some Casual Revenging, Emily relies on cozy white sweaters and equestrian-inspired skinny jeans and boots.




Layers + Color by Nolan

Not since Chuck Bass has there been a man who can mix patterns and colors like a freakin’ champ plus add a layer or two for good measure. A button-down, polo, and a jacket on a hot Hamptons day? Hell yes.




Workwear from the Waist Up by Ashley

No shoes? No problem! A head-to-toe Ashley shot is a rare find on Revenge, so much so that we tend to flip out when we see her lower half. For those who are similarly trapped behind a piece of furniture all day (receptionists, news anchors), emulate the mullet — profesh on top, party on the bottom.