You Owe Me Big Time!

Guys, I’m kind of anxious about how this season is going to wrap up. So many loose ends! For instance: Ted is mooning over Peggy while his own wife and kids sit around wondering when he’s coming home for dinner. Pete frowns at everyone, but mostly his mother, who is Inconveniently Forgetful And Inappropriate. Also, Bob Benson is gay for Pete!? Bob, you could do better. Ted and Don butt heads over juice companies, Sally struggles with manipulative friendships while rebeling against Betty (who’s looking pretty darn trim these days), Sylvia’s son Mitchell is 1A for the draft and after Don strikes a deal to save Mitchell, Don and Sylvia have makeup/thankyou sex…and then Sally catches them in the act. Cue the very ominous cinematography as Don tries to explain (through a closed door) to Sally what he’s done. We’ll need more than two episodes to explain all that…


First of all, I need to give a shoutout to the prim and proper Betty Francis, who looks just as good as she did in season 1. She’s never been much of a housewife, but boy can she dress the part! Helmet hair aside, she’s back to Barbie status in a sweet yellow dress with a blue apron. And it’s nice to see her angry again — Happy Betty is unsettling.




Sally is similarly sullen, but I’ll blame that on the impending treacherous waters of Teenagedom. Also on the fact that she’s still got a little-girl-in-plaid thing going on a lot of the time, despite those long, colt-ish legs. Don’t worry, Sally — short-shorts are only a few years away from being in style!


But for now, Sally’s still wearing ensembles which hearken back to previous episodes in previous seasons, when her wardrobe was comprised of strange upholstery-like patterns. These muddled colors are doing nothing for her, either.


This blue and red plaid is a little better for her complexion, I think, but no more grown up than the other outfits in this episode. Her friend Julie, however, is rocking green with flowers and white accents with a side pony (decades ahead of its time!) and a manipulative attitude. Ah, the frienemy…a timeless junior high accessory.


I mean, look at this Queen Bee. We met Julie earlier in the episode, in a fresh yellow and green minidress (also plaid, but much more age-appropriate in color and style) with a little pleated collar. Even her flirtatious smile and deceivingly low-maintenance hair scream “I KNOW I’M PRETTY.” Mean Girl for sure.


Speaking of fresh colors, Peggy took a leaf out of Joanie’s book and stepped into a lovely emerald green suit, with black trim to embolden the effort. Look at those sparkling eyes! She could be a First Lady in this look, no?


Mrs. Campbell is more akin to modern-day Queen Liz II than a First Lady, but I mean that as a compliment. Dementia-shmentia, she’s the picture of poise in pale pink, which makes the bizarre things coming out of her mouth all the stranger. She mistakes Peggy for Trudy, brings up some awwwwwkward baby talk, and then explains her, um, close relationship with Manolo, her nurse. Peggy is effectively stunned.


Other ladies monochrome include everyone’s favorite no-nonsense secretary, Dawn, in summery lime with an excellent ruffled/pintucked front. She could have gone classic with a black pencil skirt, but I’m appreciating this office-to-garden party vibe, courtesy of the slightly lighter colored skirt. She’s ready for mimeographing and mint juleps!


Also keeping it simple but fun is our boy Bob Benson, who irritated the crap outta me in the beginning of the season, but for whom I now have sympathy feels. His tie is a fun splash of color against the boring World of Suits, and the neat stripes from his button down are also a welcome change. He’s such a Nice Guy, you guys… but we all know that Nice Guys don’t win on this show.

When you play the Game of Ads, you win, or you die. Or, rather, you drink and smoke yourself slowly to death.


Continuing in this metaphor…does this make Sally Draper the Arya Stark of Mad Men?

Yes. Yes, it does.