Part 1 of 2: The Hot, Hot, Hot

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: Finn and Rachel are together until a threeway with Brittana and a duet with Jesse St. James (another cast member drafted in from Springtime Awakening) is on the cards for him and for her. Will and Emma are now a thing after the CUTEST KISS EVER (other kisses are available), but she’s afraid of germs and Terri and he’s afraid of rebounding, so they break it off and I question the point of much of last episode. Idina Menzel rears her lovely head as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, the rival glee club to which Jesse suspiciously belongs…


Queen Quinn doesn’t do much this episode, but her hair gets a special mention for transcending mere shininess.


Less female but equally queen-like, Kurt starts off dressed as a stock character from The Great Escape. It’s so rare to see him without bells and whistles that I actually approve of the monochrome.


Although this is much more Kurt’s (and my) speed. The camel coloured trench over a dark shirt is just so Cary Grant/Gregory Peck/late lamented sexy sixties actor.


Even when Rachel gets called out for seeing Jesse, patron saint of drama, her glee club make the effort to dress up. Tina’s a full-blown, ocean-going, Sucker Punch style sweetheart, complete with a Peter Pan colour and tulle. Artie matches her in lemon yellow, a Navajo print and not at all badly fitted khakis.

As for the dynamic duo, Mercedes and Kurt, his snazzy plaid trousers and cowl/sweater/pet shrieks off-Broadway director. She’s still dressed like a Christmas tree, but a grey splatter patterned waistcoat provides a rare inch of sanity, as well as coordinating nicely.


So Rachel’s being chastised for annoying the library patrons with Lionel Richie and this guy, Jesse St. James. He dresses like Justin Bieber before Bieber dressed like Bieber.


He also dresses like Sid Vicious on a night in, but that’s purely for choral purposes.


I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging here. Jesse, I hope I’m not going to have to berate you about your colour deficient wardrobe. Why do you think I dropped Finn from my recaps?


Rachel starts off on the Highway to Hell, from good girl girlfriend  to bad girl with a secret beau, in this lovely hunter green cardigan with gold buttons. It’s structured, it’s sweet and her side braid is glossy and neat. Has she been taking lessons from Quinn?


This outfit is also lovely – it’s the return of the dreaded carmine, but that blouse is paired beautifully with a floral skirt whose tight band delineates Rachel’s tiny waist. We’ll ignore the fact that Lea’s Micheles clearly need a larger size before her buttons begin to pop.


Similarly embroiled with Jesse is this lady, Idina Menzel Shelby Corcoran, who seduces Will with the lovely pansy purple and deep neckline of her gorgeously flattering top.


But before you can say Wicked, Shelby turns out to be just that, making significant eye contact with Jesse as he makes his move on Rachel, all the while backlit by red and wearing a dangerously tailored suit. Elphaba wears Prada?


In stark contrast to Shelby and in competition for Will is the ever appropriate Emma. I love all the little details of her outfits, from the delicate lace and pearlised buttons to the slightly over the top brooch and her never moving hair.

Ladies of Mad Men, take note.


Emma and Will celebrate their relationship with more making out in a manner most adorbs. She stuns in a mustard yellow dress with matching cardigan and accessories – and on a redhead, that’s a big deal.


You know what’s also a big deal? Red, on a redhead! And she wears it so well!


As good as red is, this is my favourite outfit of the episode (hence why I put a cutesy border around it). It’s so simple and so elegant, the way the green of her skirt is picked out in the stems of the flowers on her soft beige cardigan, the bold red of the petals, the boldness of anyone who wears two neutrals together.


Poor Emma. Will’s turned her into a stone cold Stepford Wife, although admittedly one with an affinity for unusual collars, broderie anglaise and Bambi eyes.


So, that was the good news about the fashion of Hell-O. Now for the bad news…