You know what’s happening in four days, right?

Mm-hmm. Pretty Little Liars is back for another year (semester? How long have these broads been in school?) of studying, dating, and applying to colleges. Oh, and also some light murder/stalking. They didn’t offer that track when I was in high school, so I sometimes forget how things are for the Modern Student.

PLL is one of our (and your!) favorite shows, so we can all guess how the plot will go down: there will be mysterious texts, creepily placed creepy objects, inappropriate adult-teenager interactions, and from the looks of it, at least one more funeral. Or memorial service? Hey, it’s Rosewood! Never underestimate the town’s ability to organize a funereal occasion at the drop of a skinny belt.

But what of the fashion? What do you think our fearless foursome will sport this season?



Take another gander at the sheer LBD action up above. With her bold aesthetic and her sassy one-liners, Hannah is on a speeding (murder) train to becoming the Samantha Jones of the group. Sadly, Ashley Benson is too busy to be considered for that role on The Carrie Diaries, which is a shame, because we’re pretty sure she’d nail it.





We see that Sporty Spice continues to show off those swimming shoulders (as she’s been wont to do lately) but she’s upgraded the basic-jeans-and-tee combo for interesting prints and cuts. Still comfy, still stylish, still (probably) easily unhinged.





Oh, heyyyyyy Spence. We were just talking about the mentally unbalanced. Spencer Hastings had a really bad year. Like, really bad. And we’re guessing that despite the lovely ensembles shown here, she’s one Totally Not Dead Boyfriend away from dirty leggings and unwashed hair. That’s why you didn’t get into UPenn, Hastings.





And lastly, darling Aria, with nary a feather to be found. Dealing with middle-aged problems when you’re a high schooler has a way of making one reevaluate accessory choices. She may be shockingly casual in with the army green/camo situation above, but we’re guessing she still can’t resist the siren call of pyramid studs.