While winter brings cerebral modern classics like Downton Abbey, summer is for soaps and poorly executed reality shows. ABC stepped up the summer soap game with last night’s premiere of Mistresses, and ok, the plot is nothing new (four fashionable friends + life’s curveballs!), but we’ll tune in again for the solid wardrobes. Golf claps to lead costume designer Roemehl Hawkins.


Savi: The Serious One

Alyssa Milano brings the starpower as Savannah, a lawyer who respects birthday gift-giving protocol, but isn’t above flashing her coworker in order to get out of a little pesky paperwork, and later has sexytimes with said coworker on her desk. “Savi” and her husband Harry (played by Aussie soap star Brett Tucker) are riding the infertility roller coaster, but we bet while Savi’s boning the Hot Black Lawyer at her firm, Harry’s knocking boots with the Haughty Forgetful Hostess at his restaurant.

Impending dramz aside, if you’re a corporate working stiff, you’d do well to dress like Savi — tailored, but with a feminine edge, as seen here in her body-skimming, double-breasted, not-quite-a-peplum number, or this Sand Mayers dress. Garter belt optional.


Josslyn: The Sexy One

Tousled hair? Check. Bandage dresses and bustiers as work wear? Check. Sleeping her way to the top? Big ol’ checkmark. Josslyn escaped the pilot without revealing A Big Dark Secret (banging your married boss is de rigueur in soap land), but we’re guessing she’ll eventually spiral out of control and end up in rehab, or something.

If you’d also like to dress with no concept of day or night, how about this strapless Herve Leger dress? It’s only a matter of time before Joss brings the Daytime Sequins out to play, so might as well beat her to the punch.


April: The Boho One

Just as widowed April was ready to get back in the saddle, she’s suddenly haunted by creepy phone calls from her ghost husband. Ha! Kidding! They’re actually from her late husband’s mistress/mother of his lovechild. Whew. Somebody cancel that appointment with Ghost Hunters. Anywho, April has a definite style pattern. Can you spot it?

You guys, she is literally wearing the same thing in both pictures. A+ for consistency, I guess. If you also lean boho-chic, layer yo’self with pieces like this Missoni poncho sweater and a vintage-y statement bracelet.


Karen: The Casual(?) One

I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time putting Dr. Karen Kim in a neat little box. “Casual” isn’t quite right (she mostly wore tasteful, inoffensive work wear throughout the episode), and “Conflicted” would be redundant, as all the ladies but Josslyn seem to have major probs.

So for now, I’ll say that she’s The Nice One who wears Nice Things and also tries to do Nice Things…that end up backfiring. You guys, don’t sleep with your dying patients and then prescribe questionable meds to them, ok? But by all means do pair skinny jeans with a buttery leather blazer.


So, what do you think? Will you add Mistresses to your summertime watchlist?