Will it Float or Sink?

This week, the Mad Men and Women of Sterling Cooper & Partners (yes, we have a name!) continued navigating the shark-infested waters that surround them. Against company policy, Joan claimed a client for her own and was nearly sent back to the kiddie pool, until Peggy helped Joan swim with the big boys. Pete tried to keep things afloat at the firm, despite Jim (and Ted’s? His motives are unclear) subverse efforts to drown the “other half” of the company. Meanwhile, Don literally floated face down in a pool after over-indulging at an LA party. Roger to the rescue! Who knew that behind that yachting getup was an honest-to-goodness lifeguard?


Joan made some bold career decisions and paired them with a fresh summer print and soft cuts. Appropriate, considering she thought she was on a date, not a client call. At any rate, it’s so refreshing to see patterns on Joanie. Girlfriend demands to be noticed in this ensemble.





But we all have our security blankets, and when Joan and Peggy meet with Avon, Joan reverts back to monochrome and tailored cuts in this lovely yet all-business suit. And naturally, she’s got her new accessory bestie — the bright gold broach.


We’ve been harsh on Peggy ever since she came back to the SCDP SCDPCGC SC&P offices, but I absolutely love this Ralph Lauren-inspired blazer. It’s stylish yet executive, slightly flashy yet resigned. Attagirl, Pegs. Knew you could do it.


While the girls were romancing clients, the boys were out on the Best Coast. It’s cute that they tried to dress in a geographically-appropriate manner, but New York habits die hard, with Don in a stiff (albiet light-colored) suit, and Roger in…is that…yachting attire? He and Peggy must shop at the same Ralph Lauren.

But wait, who’s in the car?


Harry! Talk about embracing location! That hair, those aviators, that RED JACKET. Remember when Harry was kind of a shy nerd in earlier seasons? Not anymore! See what a little fashion upgrade can do to a guy’s self-esteem?


There’s always money in the banana stand. Yes, the color explosion continues with this punchy yellow jacket…and that scarf! I seriously want to go to work dressed like this, but unfortunately, I am not as brave as Harry Crane.


I know I was a bit harsh on Don a few pictures ago. I mean, he looks GREAT, it’s just…he always does. Change it up, fella, try for something a little new — you know you’ll still look dashing.

But the more I look at Roger’s ascot, the more I applaud him. It takes balls to dress like Thurston Howell when you’re surrounded by counterculture. Speaking of…


Holy Sonny & Cher, it’s Danny! The talent-less copywriter from seasons yore has reimerged, hanging with an LA beach bunny and Danny McBride’s father. BTW, I want Danny’s shirt RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I will wear it with Harry Crane’s banana jacket and you can’t stop me.


Roger tries to steal Danny’s girl, who isn’t saying much through her drug-induced haze. Upon a closer look, she’s less of a beach babe and more into Cher’s Native-American vibe. Also, it looks like she’s taken the Advanced Layering class at the Vanessa Abrams School of Accessorizing. A+, dear.


Alone with Lotus, Roger tries a thing or two, and that results in…


BAM! “I’m better dressed for this party than you are!”


So where’s Don during all of this? He’s with the happenin’ hippies around the hookah pipe. Peep the white gladiator sandles on Random Hippie Chick, at left. Dick Whitman is ready to conquer Rome.





“Until I start hallucinating that I’m making out with the party hostess (who totally looks like my ex-wife) and then my current wife shows up in a hippie outfit, and tells me she’s pregnant (no, I don’t have mommy issues, why do you ask?)”

“AND THEN! Some soldier I met in Hawaii (and served as his replacement Best Man) also shows up, except he’s now dead, and I almost drown in a pool and…yeah.”

“I’m gonna stick to old fashioned Old Fashioneds from now on, thanks though.”


So that was fun, and now we’re back at the office and the inevitable shades of gray within. The most interesting thing here are those really cool orange chairs.


Although we do get some nice tie action, courtesy of Ted and Pete. Which one do you like better? Throwing out the fact that Pete’s is laughably short, that is.

Wait, Pete! Don’t get upset! I like your tie!


“I don’t care about anything anymore, well, except for one thing…or two…”


Pete, it’s like you don’t even watch this show. Didn’t you see what happened to Don? Didn’t we learn to Just Say No?


PS: Remember making tie-dye shirts as a kid? Why did we stop doing that? I think I just found my weekend project…