Does anyone really want the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth, in relationships? Mr. Big comes back into Carrie’s life in a very ambiguous way and she wondered — what does it mean? At the same time, she struggles with whether or not to tell a friend that her husband is a complete a-hole, Samantha continues to pretend that she’s ok with James’ small member, Charlotte’s very hairy new man doesn’t turn out to be what she hoped, and Miranda learns to become more, ahem, “verbally expressive” in the bedroom. My rule of thumb? It’s usually best to keep your mouth shut unless there’s a cookie involved.


Carrie was covered in camel at the beginning of the episode — this camel coat and camel skirt combined with her ash locks and gold necklace is a WHOLE lotta beige! And this pink shirt is a rather plain choice for our normally spangly writer. I do like the pink on her though, and the high-waisted skirt is gorgeous. Very 50’s chic!

Don’t look so down, Care-Bear. It’s not your fault your friend is married to a psychopath. And it’s worth being yelled at to get free cashmere!




Judging by the looks of this droopy sweater, her mood hadn’t improved by the next day’s lunch date with the girls.

For some reason (well, I guess because she’s CB) she still looks kind of fab in a “just-rolled-out-of-bed” kind of way. Which, she probably did do. Must be nice to work at home and not have to make yourself presentable every morning. Us mere mortals who punch in every day will just sit here and stew in our envy.


Despite her work-from-home sloppiness, Carrie still looks more interesting than the other gals — Charlotte and Miranda are in their usual office ensembles of pantsuit + plain shirt:

Heh. Remember when people used to dress like this 14 years ago? Nary a statement necklace or fun sheath dress to be found. No wonder poor Miranda is falling asleep sitting up.

Mir, I’m giving you extra points for the divine blue color of that blouse (frankly, it’s amazeballs with your red hair) but even it can’t salvage your ho-hum ensemble.


I think y’all should just go back to bed because clearly you are not feeling it today. Even Samantha, who’s always reliable for donning a vibrant shade, instead opts for a top the color of Froot Loops cereal milk.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam’s snoozefest of a relationship is affecting her style choices. Someone get this girl a new man and a new wardrobe, because I can’t take too many more episodes of this.


Finally, things brighten up when Carrie goes shopping with Susan. Enormous snaps for this red coat and striped scarf! Such a breath of fresh air!

Ok, so the bag is a little random but I do like the print, and I was happy to see an outfit that didn’t make me want to take a nap.


And look at CB, keeping up the brights later on, in this blue sweater and beaded necklace. Go Carrie, go!

Perfect for hanging out with a couple of friends while keeping your mouth tersely shut about their annoying quirks. Just add a glass box of wine and some popcorn and you’ve got an awesome girls night in.


The next day, Miss Bradshaw gets a birthday surprise delivered to her door.

I don’t even care what’s in the box, I just want to look at this beautiful kimono robe. The sparkly! The flowers! Actually, this print is apropos considering flowers are exactly what she gets from Mr. Big. Red roses, to be exact, along with a card that says “Best Wishes”. Way to be as non-commital as possible, John Preston. That’s what I write on office cards for people I barely know. People I’ve seen nekkid get at least a “Warm Wishes”.


As expected, Carrie proceeds to overanalyze this message to death, and just like a dolphin with a bent dorsal fin, we can tell she’s not happy because she’s back in her blah brunchwear. Observe this white sweater: It’s cozy, it’s comforting, and it’s completely devoid of style. I think she got it from a pile of discounted men’s sweaters at her local off-price store.

But! Everyone else is also back in blah! Charlotte, that black turtleneck is FINE, but certainly nothing special. Henry the dog is the best dressed one here, in his very nice plaid coat. I wish I could say that Char’s failed relationship with Henry, tartan wearing dog, was foreshadowing of another failed relationship clad in tartan (see: Sex and the City, seasons 3 & 4), but I’m guessing the writers didn’t plan that far in advance.


At least Samantha and Miranda and now wearing bright colors, although Mir has a little too much going on with the blue and green AND red hair. Color-blocking doesn’t come back in for another 10 years or so, babe. Again, more foreshadowing that isn’t.


So, were the flowers a “grand gesture”, as suggested by Miss Romantic Charlotte, or a completely meaningless gesture, as per Miss Cynic Miranda? Carrie decides to call Big and find out, and she does so in an outfit I’m pretty sure I owned when I was 14.

Ok, I just flipped through my 9th grade scrapbook (no, you can’t see) and yes, I definitely rocked a similar ensemble. I kind of love it, though. It’s very punk princess with the hair messily piled on top of her head.

Another thing I remember from being a teenager is overthinking my interactions with boys and generally making an idiot of myself around them. Sound familiar, Carrie??

“Ugh, my life is the wooooooorst”.

Dude, you’re 30+ years old. Get over it.


She recovers and rallies for her birthday party later that evening, and I must say, she looks terrrific. Is it because she (accidentally) invited Big to the festivities? Whatever the reason, she’s glowing.

Could you BE any more excited to see Big again?!


Others were not quite so excited about the reunion…

Mr. Big, meet my friends “WTF”, “Oh No He Di’int”, and “OMG So Romantic”. Charmed, I’m sure.


Carrie is certainly still charmed, and it’s clear Big feels it, too. Just look at these crazy kids:

Try to keep your eyes off Carrie’s sleeve strings though, those are just weird. Maybe if she had tied them around Big’s neck he wouldn’t have driven away and they could have told each other how they really felt? Except then we wouldn’t have five more seasons (and two movies) to recap, would we?

SPEAKING OF! Should we recap the movies?