Back to Reality

Phew! After last week’s dizzying ep, I have to say, I was a little nervous about this one. Turns out there was nothing to worry about as we’ve landed back on solid Manhattan asphalt. Peggy is caught between Don and Ted, and also Ted and Abe — at least until she stabs Abe with a freaking spear! Megan feels like Don is drifting (quelle surprise), and he does, right into the arms (i.e. shorts) of his newly downsized ex-wife, Betty. We also see Roger trying to be a loving grandfather/father, but being epically rejected by both his daughter and Joan, respectively.


We open in a meeting about margarine, and Ted decides that he’ll throw is support behind it by wearing a shirt of the same color. Also, he’s wearing his tie like a cape — that can’t be comfortable, right? Judging by the condition of Harry’s shirt, he seems to be waging a war against his iron.

And why is his tie so wrinkled? There is a major lack of irons/steamers in the Crane household.


Peggy’s pissed that she keeps getting put in the middle of creative differences between Don and Ted. I’d be upset, too, if I was wearing a potato sack.

As soon as she gets home she takes of the cape and we finally see some shape. I actually love this dress, especially the contrasting color inside the pleat, but maybe next time we leave the matchy-matchy topper at home, ‘k Pegs?


Meanwhile, Megan is playing her character Corinne’s twin sister Collette (god, soaps are fantastic), in a killer red crocheted jumpsuit. No one else could actually pull this look of but Megan.

Arlene’s charachters tangerine tunic is pretty awesome, too, with that gold beading. Maybe something you could even wear to the beach today (minus the humongous brooch, obvs). These are some rich soap opera bitches.


Off duty Megan’s outfit is totes something I wear daily, but don’t look nearly as chic doing so.

Hey Don, your wife’s hot even in a basic tank and jeans, stop screwing around on her! And while you’re at it, buy a new tie!


Speaking of women Don’s strung along, here’s Betty looking fab at a fancy black tie soiree. It seems as though Betty did indeed managed to “reduce”, and draw the attention of many a sleazy tuxedoed man.

The detailing on this gown is magnificent — it even continues around the back. The accessorizing is pretty great too, with that bejeweled hair clip and amazing gold clutch. I really wish I could have gotten a better snap of it, but she was hanging out in a dimly-lit hallway. I’ve never been much for pearls or evening gloves, but I’d say a solid 8 out of 10, Mrs. Francis.


Back at the SCDPCGC offices (ugh, I hope they come up with a name soon), Peggy is rocking some nautical colors in this little number. I actually think this is my favorite Peggy look to date. The fit is amazing and the mix of pattern and color is perfect. Finally, something age appropriate for the Peggster.

It only seems appropriate that Ted declares his love for his protege while she’s donning this outfit. I have to say, I’m actually kind of digging Ted’s suit. It’s nice to see a man who’s not afraid of color.


Joan, as always, is a vision in purple. This truly is her color. 

The bow and pleat detailing on the waist is a nice touch. This whole dress just looks really well made, you know? And is it me, or does Pete’s waistcoat look a little small? It’s pulling at all of the buttons. Maybe time to cut back on the booze and dinners out a bit, eh Pete?


Roger’s daughter, Margaret, dons a really sweet dress to drop off her son with Grandpa Roger. Little does she know that Roger will take her 4 year old son to see Planet of the Apes. “Don took his kid to see it,” Roger defends. Hey, guess what, Roger: Don’s son is 11 years old…

Anyway, I wish I could have gotten a nice full-length picture of this dress, because the pattern is really elaborate and interesting. I think this would totally work today — pastels are in, my friends! 


Focusing his guilt on another one of his children, Roger pops up over at Joanie’s apartment with a gift for Kevin, their adorable little love child. I love how all of the male characters have weekend attire that mainly consists of patterned blazers as opposed to their solid, formal work jackets. Like, “Look at me in my plaid blazer! I’m fun, casual Roger!” 

I think Bob may be the exception. Joan’s new BFF (or possible BF??) is rocking some short shorts here, with a matching polo shirt. It takes some pretty big grapes to wear an outfit like this, Bob Benson.


Joan’s beach wear is perfection. Like Peggy earlier on, she’s working the nautical trend (notice the little ship’s wheel (helm?) on the zip?) and the head scarf is so casually cool. Joan looks great with her hair down. Side note: this episode has quite a few headbands/scarfs, and you know how we love that around the YKYLF staff room!


Weekend Don is basically the same as weekday Don, but with rolled up sleeves and those sunglasses that I still want.


But whoa…where did this Betty come from? Looking every bit the sexy soccer mom in her jean shorts and floral blouse, she decides to follow Don up to Baobby’s summer camp. She even seems happy. Betty. Happy. Just let that sink in for a minute.




I just slept with your wife, heh. Yeah, this is awkward, and not only because Henry is wearing a jacket in the same fabric that used to cover my grandmothers sofa.

Betty looks happy (again?!) and sweet in this patterned frock with a crisp white headband (!!). I’d be happy too if I could sleep with Don and not have to deal with all of the drama.


Little does poor, sweet Megan know what’s happening at camp when Arlene comes over to give some advice, and take another swipe at swinging with Megs.

Megan’s head scarf (!!) matches her tank beautifully, but I can’t say that I particularly like the outfit. No, it’s just that top. It doesn’t really do anything for her. The scarf and jeans are fine, though I think Megan needs to go back to dressing a bit younger. Arlene is a hot mess in this green curtain, but I want that gold bag almost as much as I want Don’s sunglasses.


Arlene, take note — this is how you wear green. Joan keeps her accessories minimal with her now trademark brooch (in lieu of her pen necklace), and her demeanor cool when Roger asks for a chance to bond with his son. 

Sorry, Roger. Though you can be counted on to look sharp in a 3-piece suit, you can’t be relied on when it comes to your family. Burn. 


Peggy returns from an eventful weekend of cowering in her apartment, accidently stabbing her boyfriend with a homemade spear, and a subsequent trip to the ER (you know, the usz) in a mint green polka-dotted number with a scarf neckline. 

Another win for Peggy, but only from the neck down. Her hair and makeup are a big sad, as is her personal life — Abe dumped her (not for stabbing him in the stomach, but rather, for not being hipster enough), and Ted had zero reaction to the news that his crush is newly single.


Poor Peggy. Poor Megan. Poor Roger (though that’s his own fault). Seems as though the only people on the ups this week are Joan (finally!) and Betty. Who would have thought?