Everybody Must Get Stoned

Guys, this may have been the most ridiculous episode to date. Except that time when Roger Sterling dropped acid. To review: Ken almost gets into an accident after being taken for a joy ride, Gleason passes away and no one is sure if they even liked him, and half the office gets tripped out on speed. On the romance front, Peggy and Stan finally share a super magical smooch, Sylvia finally tells Don what’s up, Don has freaky flashbacks, and we discover how he lost his v-card. PLUS! Crazy Grandma Ida (who’s not really the kids grandma) shows up, Betty gets so mad she almost pops a vein, and Don still continues to get away with everything. Also — no one gets any work done.


So remember that one day when a doctor came to the office and injected everyone with an “energy serum” and everyone went batshit cray like whoa? LOL. That was good times.

Nice tie Don, though I’m sure the doc’s getting an even nicer view of your nether regions. Too bad we don’t get the same treatment.


Post-injections, everyone started flying around the office. Like this:

White boy can jump! And in such a nicely tailored outfit! Digging the green and grey combo and loving those pointed shoes hard core. Don should take a huge cue from Stan here. Stan looks super stylish (which is somewhat of a change from his usual shlubby attire) and still manages to stick the landing.


And then Ken does a tap dance worthy of being on So You Think You Can Dance.

Meh to the suit, though I do like the color. Double meh to both Don and Ken’s shoes. But double thumbs up to Ken’s cane! With that fantastic accessory plus his superb dancing skills, he’s def got a little Gene Kelly thing going on. Me likey.


While Ken was dancing, Don his boost to use by stalking his lover. Who is soooo over him. I mean, so over him. Doesn’t he know that before she was Sylvia, she was Lauren on Boy Meets World and almost came between Corey and Topanga? Anyone who threatens that relationship should not be messed with. Especially if she is still dressed in her housecoat and kerchief after 10am.

Although upon reviewing her ho-hum afternoon outfit, I think I prefer the housecoat.


At any rate, she’s definitely not to be messed with whilst wearing a ring big enough to knock Don and anyone else within a 3 mile radius out cold.


And oh, hey! Don has anger issues of his own. I think this was pre-speed, but this episode was so trippy that I honestly can’t remember.


But what is the source of his anger? Is it really because Sylvia dumped him, or is it because his daughter is starting to work street corners? Or perhaps because his alimony payments are being used to pay for his ex-wife’s awful hair stylist? I mean, all of that would make me furious, too.

For serious though, I do think Sally looks adorbs. Her skirt may be a tad short, but it’s got a great pattern, and I approve of the Waldorf-esque headband. So age and time period appropriate.


The Draper-Francis girls (and Sylvia) may have been lackluster, but Peggy really brought it this week. Check out this shapely sherbet-orange (season 5 reference!) dress with double-breasted buttons. I kind of hate the mock turtleneck, but other than that, this is a dress I would actually consider wearing.

That hair, tho. Is it her real coif, or did she steal some biker dude’s helmet?


Or a train conductor’s hat? Snaps on the rest of her funeral outfit. Showing a bit of leg, sporting a cute jacket, wearing the perfect LBD…I give it 9s all around.




And she’s accessorizing with an elegant scarf and a serious scowl.

DO NOT MESS with Peggy’s creative process. She has no time for your speed.


Or your William Tell-type stunts. Have we learned nothing from the middle ages?

Is it just me or is there something a little sexy about Stan in a rumpled, untucked shirt with a cig hanging from his mouth, about to be shot with an X-Acto knife?


Guess it’s not just me. Peggy wants a piece of that too!

Totes fine Peggster, he’s all yours.


Except perhaps you were better off with Ted. I mean, he definitely knows how to color coordinate the shizz out of an outfit. This fantastic green number almost makes me forget that his jacket looks like one of Mr. Roger’s sweaters on steroids.

And I’m pretty sure he won’t kiss you and then go shtup some hippie girl. He’s got a little more class.


And look! Here is said hippie girl, Wendy, aka daughter of the recently departed Gleason. She completely reminded me of Sam from Now and Then after she got pulled out of the sewer. Who I loved. I also love this girls spunk, and her mis-matched colors and patterns. It’s so off it absolutely works.


So while Don was busy having soft porno flashbacks, Megan was at home getting all dolled up in a sexy gogo girl costume from my local Halloween shop.

You know, I think I may dislike this so much I’ve started to like it. It works for a night out at the theater, while your stepdaughter minds your apartment (and her two little brothers) on her own.


Sally stumbles out of her bedroom in this absolutely amazing two piece pajama set. It’s a little sweet and sassy, yet still cute enough to make her not look like she’s catapulting into adulthood too soon.


But Sally, I thought you were a smart gal? How could you, Sally Draper, the product of super stylish Don and Betty Draper, think someone wearing a dress that doesn’t fit, a trench that is cut longer than the dress, and with hair this wild & crazy could be your grandma? I just can’t.

Right, so, Grandma Ida is not Don’s surrogate mother. She’s just a very clever cat burgler who can’t dress. Of course, it would help if Sally actually knew something about her father’s past so that she wasn’t so easily duped, but parenting is hard n’ stuff.


Right? I mean, why talk it out when you can just yell!


Or faceplant in your living room from the sheer overwhelming-ness of it all.

Our thoughts exactly, Don. Shhh. You rest now.


The next day, Don seems to have sobered up both literally and figuratively — turns out his back hallway doings led to the unlocked door that was an open invitation for Grandma Ida to rob the place, and so now, he’s too “busy” to notice the canary that threw up on Sylvia.

Cue the most awkward elevator ride ever. This scenario right here? This is why you don’t shit where you eat, Don.


All-in-all, I spent this entire episode with a finger on the rewind button, and my head cocked in perpetual confusion. But if anything, I think we can agree we all experienced that 60s feel-good vibe. Hopefully next week is back to normal, and we see more of Joan, because she would not have tolerated this week’s shenanigans.