Modern Family

While I don’t want to criticize my beloved Sofia Vergara, I think it’s a bit run-of-the-mill to showcase her impossible body in yet another telenovela-ready body-con dress. So let’s focus on this coat instead. When the Pritchetts sneak into the Dunphy house and she’s dressed…like Little Red Riding Hood. Minus the hood. Gloria picks the lock without breaking a sweat while knocking it out of the park with this fire engine red spring trench over a blue dress featuring black octopi-inspired tentacles. She springs the door open with a cool “no questions” directed at Jay and Manny. Guys, I’m convinced she has a back story where she’s a paid assassin for the Yakuza. — Ritchie Po


Mr Selfridge

So, Ellen Love has become a “serious” actress, which means when she’s not starring in plays publicly slandering her former lover, she runs around in boho chic maxi dresses and long necklaces. The lace trim might be a little fussy for today, but the rest of this 1910s look totally works in the now. Just one tip, Ellen…should you and your dress find yourself in the 2010s, our defamation laws have gotten a little tougher. You might want to find yourself a good modern lawyer.  — Jen Luby


Vampire Diaries

Man, senior year of high school is rough. Taking the SATs, applying to college, adjusting to life as a vampire, hunting for a cure for vampirism, trying to stop an all-powerful bad guy, shutting off your emotions to become a soulless monster, being tortured back into feeling things again … and that’s all before your best friend brings down the wall between the living and the dead. Honestly, it’s a good thing Elena went vamp at the end of last season, because if she weren’t immortal, the girl would have some major bags under her eyes and plenty grey hairs by now.

This might not be the most jaw-dropping, fashion-forward dress ever, but for a post-graduation dress, it’s perfect. It’s like how an actual teenager would dress, if they had a personal stylist rather than 30 minutes at Forever 21 before their mom picks them up. The white lace is saved from being too precious – or too virginal – by the plunging neckline and short hemline. The simple silver accessories are a rarity these days (see: Abrams, Vanessa; Montgomery, Aria) but it’s nice to see accessories that don’t compete for attention with the outfit or with the wearer.

And no, I totally didn’t pick this outfit as an excuse to post this blurry shot of the dress with a shirtless Damon in the foreground. I have no idea what you’re talking about. — Amanda Smith