What Mindy Wore to Say Goodbye

Here we are, the season finale! Just when it seems like Mindy and her hot pastor boyfriend are in it for the long haul, the chemistry between her and Danny looms large. Mindy struggled with a lot this week — should she go to Haiti with Casey? Can she possibly live in a tiny tent with him for an entire year without murdering him? As if to mirror this struggle, she wore a lot of different outfits, from the sublime to the ridiculous AND made a drastic change to her appearance. Look! Symbolism!


I have been lamenting the lack of cute pj’s on New Girl, but now I know where they went They got swapped over to their Fox sister show! Mindy wore two adorbs pink numbers this week — the kind of thing that Jessica Day used wear, circa New Girl Season.

First was this bird-print:


And then a floral (ya know, because they were camping. In nature. And there are flowers in nature. TOTALLY apropos, DUH.).

Leave it to Dr. L to wear her diamond studs camping.


Outside of the bedroom (and the tent), Mindy dazzled us with a couple outfits incorporating her usual fun office style. Skinny belt? Check! Graphic skirt? Check! Knit? Check! White collared shirt? Check!

Everyone really does look smarter when they put a labcoat on, don’t they? (Note to self: incorporate labcoat into own work wardrobe/procure huge raise).


I lurve the print on this grey, black and yellow skirt — are those bows or a random triangle print?

Meh, who cares. Fun either way.


After much back-and-forth, Mindy decides she IS going to go to Haiti with Casey, and so Danny and Christina throw them a “Bon Voyage” party (they speak French in Haiti – get it? Besides, Bon Voyage sounds so much fancier than “See Ya Next Year!”). For her party outfit, she goes with another awesome Mindy staple — the statement earring:

Please, oh please, Notorious G.O.D., don’t let anyone steal my gorg earrings! They will go so well with the new sleeping bag I bought to take to Haiti!


She is also rockin’ this green peplum dress and jeweled belt.

I’m loving it, but I’m pretty sure this girl’s entire wardrobe is body-con dresses, dangly earrings and sequined sweaters. Have we ever seen her in flip-flops? Mindy, flippy-floppies are a MUST for camp showers, trust me. And guess what, you can buy pairs with jewels on them! Really, it’s true!




I guess I should have filled her in on this sooner because suddenly she is scared and NOT going to Haiti. Again. Aaaaaand she blurts this out to her cute and sweet boyfriend in front of the whole room while (*hello!*) he’s down on one knee proposing to her! So embarassing. Can’t really blame the guy for walking out.

Luckily, our girl realizes her mistake and runs to Casey’s apartment, pulls a Dobler, and stands outside on the street proclaiming her love. She fails in the execution though, considering she does this looking like a jogger:

Really, Mindy, you look just a tad crazed. You couldn’t even put on some lipstick? Try throwing on a cool jacket and holding up a boombox next time, mkay?


But, wait a minute, there’s a delicious surprise underneath that hood!!

OMG Mindy cut all her hair off! She cut off her long, shiny locks because she loves Casey and wants to show her commitment practicality whilst working in a third-world country. How sweet is that?! I mean, it’s still kind of cray, but in a nice way.


And, ya know, I sort of like it:

Damn, that face is so cute, she can pull anything off. The tiny “M” necklace and funky glasses certainly help the cuteness factor, of course.


Looks like Danny’s a fan, too, judging by this lusty look he’s giving her:

Meow! It really looked like they were headed for a makeout sesh, but alas they pulled away and made small talk to avoid the elephant in the room. Awkwaaaaaard.

Sigh. Where can this go from here? The worst part is we have to wait the entire summer before we know. Also sucky: they will (likely) skip over Mindy’s whole trip and so the YKYLF blog series “What Mindy Wore in Haiti” will never be a thing. Major sadface.

See you next season!